3 Dirty Secrets Why Animated Explainer Video Works

3 Dirty Secrets Why Animated Explainer Video Works

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s an expression that I believe we’re all familiar with. I had unwillingly befriended these words back in college while I was preparing for my final thesis. With every comment I received that push me backward instead of forward, I told myself that  this is MY Rome.

I’ve had several more Rome occasions since then. And now, working at Breadnbeyond, it’s become a frequent thing as I see each video project as another Rome.

Why? Simply because a great video takes more time and effort.

It  definitely  can’t be done in a day, maybe a week or two in ‘video time.’ Especially since at Bread n’ Beyond, we create each video from scratch — from finding out what kind of animation the client thinks is appealing to shaping the characters and then the animation to fit the criteria. It’s quite a long process, folks. But trust me, it’s worth it.

To back up my statement, here are three reasons why you should opt for our specialty: a custom animated explainer video instead of the generic-template ones.

1. It’s made specifically for you.

Or your business, to be more exact. If you were creating a creative video using a template, your creativity is pretty much limited. Matching the character’s shirt color to your logo is acceptable indeed, but wouldn’t it be better to have a customized character that your target market can remember — and link your brand with?

Like this version of Bacchus – the Greek God dedicated to grapes and wine – that we did for The Grape. Even better, you can create a character that your target market can identify with.

What’s the use of doing surveys and finding out all this data about the individuals in your target market – how old are they, what they wear and what colors are interesting to them – if all goes to waste?

2. It’s your call, not ours.

what we look like when the general says there won’t be any more revisions necessary

Creating a video specifically for you leads to one thing: working around your opinion on everything. Let’s put it this way. You’re in need of a new suit — and we’re the tailor you go to. You show us pictures of suits you like, adding in details like which fabric you’re comfortable with and what color you usually go for.

Then we’ll combine all that to create the perfect suit for you.

We usually finish in 5 weeks, and we invite you over to try it out after two weeks. See how it fits you. If it turns out that the sleeves are too long, or you’ve changed your mind about the design, we’ll make alterations. Then you’ll come over again the next week for another fitting session. If something’s still wrong, we’ll fix it again. If it fits you better this time, then what’s left for us to do is finish the whole suit, making sure we do it right on time.

So even though we’re the one doing the cutting and sewing, you’re the one who is in command of the fabric, color, and design in order to have the perfect suit you have in mind.

3. A potential client can trust a company with a custom animated explainer video.

Think about it. Let’s say you’re looking for a service, search for options and narrow down the list to 2 companies.

The first company is inexpensive, with an explainer video similar to a PowerPoint slideshow — all words and pictures one after another, so boring and makes you doze a bit.

Then comes another company, a bit more expensive, with a video so witty and cleverly made that you actually watch the whole 90 seconds until the end.

Now answer this question, which company will you be more attracted to?

While it is true that a custom animated explainer video can be a tad more expensive, keep in mind that it’s a good investment. And you can always get one at an affordable price at Breadnbeyond.

Give us another Rome to build, will you?

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