30 Day Prayer Challenge For Your Husband – Week One

30 Day Prayer Challenge

Do you wish to pray most earnestly for your spouse and your matrimony? Are you not sure about the direction to go? We may frequently hope that somehow goodness will appear like a lightning strike and do something huge. The 30 Day Prayer Challenge functions to call your mind to positive thoughts and deeds, and God longs for you to maintain prayer with Him. He explicitly wants your hope concerning your marriage and the one individual you might be investing the rest of your life with!

How The Thirty Day Prayer Challenge For Your Husband Or Your Wife Works

Each day for the next month, you certainly will hope for a specific method for the partner. Sometimes there may also be a chance for you to see a related article or view a short movie. In additional weeks you will be motivated to journal or write down your thinking about some relationship relating to punctuality. Each day may also have one or more verses so that you can examine and hope over their husband.

You could begin this prayer obstacle any day of the thirty days, nevertheless might be more straightforward to start at the outset of the thirty days, only to record the days. It’s ok if you neglect a day or two- lifestyle occurs! If you neglect every day, you should not go back and or begin over. Simply pick up utilizing the corresponding day, and for those who have time, you can go back to the times you have skipped. You might want to store these pages making it more straightforward to come back to every day.

The First Week Of the 30 Day Prayer Challenge

These are thought starters with a spiritual focus on family, personal growth, and your relationship with your husband and God. Try to keep these thoughts and slightly pray throughout the day.

Day 1 – Seeking Righteousness

Pray that your spouse would put his commitment with goodness, most importantly, different relations, including your own. Pray he’d need a burning need to understand Lord much more directly and surrender every one of their life to goodness. [ Psalm 105:4].

Day 2 – Deeping Faith

Pray to suit your husband’s devotion to spiritual control. Pray for the steady study of Scripture, memorization of the term, and other religious professions like prayer, tithing, fasting, etc. Pray, however, not to be discouraged in the search for God but would operate the battle of belief with stamina all his lifetime.  [Psalm 119:6]

Day 3 – Grace With Work and Career

Pray that goodness would bless the job of his palms, which he would delight in his performance, and determine God glorified in all issues with his work. Pray he would not create an idol or character out of their operation. Whenever his job is toilsome, pray for endurance and point of view. [Colossians 3:23]

Day 4 – The Role Of Good Friends

Pray Jesus would expand his relationships along with other people. Pray that Jesus would deliver godly boys into their existence to make near ties with, To seek other men who do lead your closer to goodness and never out. Pray he would get a good friend to the people who need friendship. Pray for selflessness by you as he uses opportunity with buddies, regardless of if meaning often losing opportunity along with you.

Takeaway: What are your husband’s three nearest friends? Write their names on index cards and commit to constantly hope on their behalf that they would grow nearer to Jesus and, consequently, bring your own husband nearer to goodness. [Colossians 3:12-13]

Day 5 – Spiritual Growth

Pray for his spiritual progress. Pray he would end up being deeply grounded on the phrase. He would carry much fresh fruit for any kingdom of Jesus. Pray, however, build into a leader within his church or temple, families, and neighborhood, and lead other individuals to a stronger union with Christ by his sample. [Colossians 2:7; John 15:8]

Day 6 – Fatherhood and Parenting

If you have children pray for improvement in his role as a father.  Pray he’d positively attempt to display your young ones Jesus’s appreciation and maintain them. Pray he’d find an opportunity with his youngsters and promote robust securities with these people. If you do not possess little ones, pray for your partner’s influence on the residence of young boys inside the chapel and community. [Titus 2:6-8; Psalm; Psalm 127:3-5]

Day 7 – Growth of Relationship As Husband and Wife

The final day of the first week of the month-long challenge is to ask God’s grace to strengthen ties as husband and wife. Even if you both have been together a long time, it is essential to keep growing the relationship and not let it grow stale.

Takeaway: Out of the blue, tell your husband one thing you love about him. This simple act will endear you to him and bring him closer to you. [Psalm 118:6]

Final Thought on the First Week of the 30 Day Prayer Challenge

This initial week was meant to bring your mind’s attention to the role of family and your relationship as husband and wife. Prayer is a powerful motivator as it wakes your spiritual consciousness to thoughts and deeds that will enhance your life and bring you closer to the grace of God. Prayer is powerful and recognized as a force of good in many cultures. In the following weeks, your prayers will lead you through other paths of spiritual growth of your faith and wellbeing.

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