4 Practical Applications for LED Light Pods

LED Light Pods

LED light pods have the potential to be a hassle to add to your vehicle, requiring custom jobs, modifications, and intricate wiring to ensure that they work with your vehicle. The keyword in that last statement is potential. They do have that potential; they also have the potential to be easy and straightforward to mount and connect.

Check out the LED light pods available at Diode Dynamics; the company sells them with custom mounts that are specifically designed to be mounted to existing factory mount points on a range of vehicles from Jeeps to popular trucks. What’s even more exciting is that wiring them is easy; no extensive electrical engineering experience is required.

 LED pods

Here are some of the most practical uses of LED Light pods they sell on their website, DiodeDynamics.com

  1. Supplement your high beams: If your high beams just aren’t cutting it and can’t provide a well-focused spread, or a spread that isn’t bright enough, then you might do very well with a new set of SS3 LED light pods from Diode Dynamics. They’re available in fog and driving patterns and are SAE-compliant for on-road use. If you need a little boost to your visibility, one of their mount kits will be perfect for you – either flush or raised in one of three other configurations.
  2. Create ditch lights using the proper mounts: Ditch lights help you see off to the sides of the road at night for better visibility and to pick up obstacles that might impede the road. They’re also great for spotting wildlife that could dart into the road with little warning. Diode Dynamics SS3 LED pods are ideal for creating a ditch light arrangement; you just need to add the right mounts and make sure they’re compatible with your vehicle. Then, installing them is just a matter of manipulating some hardware and wiring the pods!
  3. Better-focused fog lights: Not everyone loves fog lights, but some prefer the aesthetics of the warm glow and the functionality of the low-angled lighting that makes it easier to proceed at low speeds under impaired visibility. Diode Dynamics SS3 LED light pods are ideal as fog lights when used with the proper mounts and the fog light pattern. In addition, their pure white LED chips produce a rich, warm, true yellow when overlaid by the proper lens.
  4. Auxiliary off-road lighting: Finally, LED light pods can make excellent off-road lights when the proper spread and mount are utilized. Going off-road entails facing a number of risks including rapidly changing conditions, hazards on the road, and even wildlife. You can use all the lighting you can get!

To learn more about the SS3 and SSC2 LED light pods developed and sold by Diode Dynamics, visit their website, DiodeDynamics.com. Their products are extensively tested to ensure their reliability and performance, created with superior optics, and even resistant in the face of moisture intrusion, vibration, and even corrosion.

You can use their vehicle finder to make sure you’re using the right mounts for your Jeep, car, or truck, but if you have any questions, give them a call at 314-205-3033 or send them a message at [email protected].

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