5 Conveniences Every Camping Trip Needs in 2022

5 Conveniences Every Camping Trip Needs

When going camping, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference and make you feel far more comfortable in your setting. Making your camping home feel closer to a real home really completes the experience. Follow these 5 conveniences every camping trip needs.

Whether you are just starting out camping, are a veteran, use tents, or have your very own RV, you should know what little conveniences to bring in order to make your camping trip the best and most enjoyable it can be. We all know that camping requires vital things like matches, flashlights, tents, and so forth, but what are the little things we need for camping?

Let’s look at these 5 conveniences every camping trip needs: To improve your next camping excursion

1.  Outdoor Camping Rugs

Is there anything better than walking on a rug, especially after a long day on your feet? That’s where outdoor camping rugs can come in. Next time you go camping, try lining at least part of the campsite with rugs or even place one on the step to the RV. This will make your dog-tired feet feel more relaxed and at-home than walking on grass, dirt, or even stones. Plus, if you put one of these smaller rugs on the RV’s step, it will give you and your guests a place to wipe your shoes so no one is dragging in dirt and mud into your portable home.

2.  Portable Laundry System by Scrubba

When camping, it is not easy to find a place to wash your clothes– and it may be painful for you and your sense of smell to wait until you find a washing machine. Instead, have a portable laundry system in your backpack to avoid this issue. It’s lightweight, fast, and easy to use! You only need to unroll it, fill it with your clothes, pour water into it to 20-40% capacity (not much!), roll, and scrub from the outside. It’s convenience is unbeatable.

3.  Outdoor Games

When you and your friends are relaxing on the campsite and want something fun to do, try indulging in some outdoor games. There are plenty available that don’t require a whole lot of heavy equipment. You could try bringing games like cornhole, can jam, horseshoes, paddleball, lawn darts, bean bag toss– the list goes on and on! Amp up your fun on the next camping trip with some outdoor games.

4.  Solar Camping Shower

Is there no shower in sight, but you are in desperate need of one? Then you should bring along a solar camping shower. It’s extremely handy for those times where you really need to shower, but there are no showers– or even hot showers– available. You can hang this handy device in a tree, have it filled with up to five gallons of water, let it get warm in the sun, and voila! You have yourself a warm and enjoyable shower.

5.  Portable Coffee/Tea Maker

If you are a big fan of coffee or tea in the morning, especially before heading out on a hiking excursion, you should certainly consider having a portable coffee/tea maker. These pieces pack a punch in such a small package. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to use. They vary from espresso percolators to French presses. This way, you don’t have to be without your coffee or tea while camping.

There are plenty of other great conveniences to bring along on your next camping trip than just these five. For those who love camping especially with an RV, you should visit RVupgrades to find even more exciting and revolutionary camping necessities and conveniences to amp up your next camping trip!


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