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5 Instagram Post Ideas for Instant Account Growth

The thing about social media marketing is that it revolves around your content, followed by the value you have to offer. So if you’ve gained an audience through sponsored ads or buy active Instagram followers UK, you need to catch up by providing real value to strengthen that connection. If you have an idea about content marketing, you’ll probably understand where I’m coming from.

We are most familiar with the rule of engagement when it comes to social media marketing. As it turns out, arrangements will be included for every blog post or YouTube video we watch, whether it’s tips on how to grow your Instagram account or how to convert your audience through Instagram.

And yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to be because, in every aspect of marketing, you’re dealing with people, and you have to establish a relationship with them before you can get them to perform your Call to Action. So, engagement is key, but one of the potential challenges; coming up with content ideas that resonate with the audience and spark up engagement.


The thing is that you may be a pool of ideas right now and when you unleash some of them, the next minute you run out of them, and you know how important consistency could also be when it comes to Instagram marketing.

Looking into this, I’ve decided in this article to help out with evergreen content ideas that will help you keep posting content without easily running out of ideas. The good thing is that these ideas have enormous potential to keep your audience engaged and ready to be turned into paying customers for your business.

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Let’s jump right into the 5 Instagram post ideas for your Instagram account growth.

Share User-Generated Content

Did you know that most consumers tend to trust other people’s words about your brand than to hear them directly from you? Well, that’s the power of referrals, and the great thing is that you can always tilt the slide in your favour.

One way to do that is to take advantage of user-generated content by posting them on Instagram. Not everyone may know about user-generated content, so let me talk a bit more about that. User-generated content is created by your customers, influencers, or engaged members through social media or forums.

User-generated content may vary from reviews about your product or services, testimonials, comments, and so on that someone has made, which will work in your favour. Research shows that about 50% of people aged 25 years and older trust user-generated content over content originally published by brands.

Share Behind the Scenes

While you can still run a faceless brand, promote it and realize growth by leveraging Instagram, doing things the other way round will get better conversions. So, whether you’re a one-person business or have employees working under you, personalizing your brand will give you a better chance for growth.

You can let your Instagram audience see the faces behind that keyboard, typing those Instagram emojis and words into an image or that short Instagram story and you’d be amazed at the increase in engagement. Sharing some of your behind-the-scenes photos or videos on Instagram also builds brand trust and better conversions.

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Share Quotes

Sharing inspiring quotes also tells your followers that you care about their personal growth and mental being. Businesses on Instagram do well with quotes to promote themselves on the platform. Because they are among the content that receives the most shares, they increase your chances of being seen by others, which increases your brand awareness and follower base.

Share Your Throwbacks

Humans are inclined to things of the past, which is why throwbacks and other similar content naturally receive a lot of engagement. When your Instagram engagement suffers, and you are looking for a way to revive it, throwbacks could be very effective. If you have spent a real number of years in business, the chances are that you will have contents that you might share as throwbacks.

You can also share your childhood stories, photos, or school throwbacks and things like that. You need to come up with something that aligns with your brand and also drive engagement.

Games, Quizzes, and Contests

Things can be hard for us as humans, and although at times we can enjoy one thing or the other, boredom can also take its place. This is a general tendency, and as a business, you can take that to your advantage by incorporating some challenges or games into your post ideas to establish fun moments.

You can come up with riddles, puzzles, or contests that would greatly interest many people. These also have high engagement potential and the ability to give you more exposure on Instagram.

Wrapping Up

There you go, 5 Instagram post ideas for instant account growth and another way to perfect your art is to buy active Instagram followers UK to improve your chances of growing.

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When you buy real Instagram followers UK, it compliments your brand’s trust as accounts with a few followers gives the audience a diminishing impression about you on the platform.  That’s why you can get the best content out there, but nobody cares about it, but with a small boost, you can get people’s attention.

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