5 Steps to a Smoother Personal Loan Experience with Rufilo  

small personal loan

Have you been looking for a small personal loan? Don’t you have spare time to visit a bank and get into a lengthy loan application process? 

If yes, then you have come to the right place. Apply for a small personal loan online from the scam-free Rufilo app in an instant. Just apply from your smartphone by processing basic personal information. Be prepared to get fast sourcing of funds up to INR 60,000 from the Rufilo app and flexibly utilize the amount as per the requirement. 

5 Things to Ensure Small Personal Loan Approval 

Whatever the purpose – renovating your home, consolidating your debts, or taking a perfect vacation – a Rufilo personal loan can provide the needed funds. However, success in this regard largely depends on the correct submission of your basic personal details and having the required monthly income to repay the loan on time.  

We shall consider the details of all the factors that determine loan approval in this article. 

So, let’s get started on the same. 

1. Learn more about the personal loan lender  

Every lending company does not charge identical interest rates and repayment schedules for personal loans. Finding the optimum lending institution is vital and involves research and comparison to secure the most appropriate one for you. Search for lenders who deal specifically with personal loans and seem to be trustworthy as per the people who have had experience with them in the past. In this regard, you can learn everything about Rufilo’s personal loan from the app itself. 

All you have to do is download the app, read the terms, and even go through extensive FAQs to have complete information about loan. Doing this will help you become aware of the maximum loan amount offered, eligibility criteria, repayment schedule, interest rate, processing fee, repayment modes, and more. 

2. Pre-decide How Much You Can Afford to Borrow 

It is important that you determine the exact amount the loan is going to be used for before you apply. Evaluate your financial status, review what you spend exactly, and figure out how much you can comfortably pay the loan back without fail. Rather than borrowing what you don’t require, it is helpful you take only what is appropriate for your necessities and mostly avoid unnecessary debt which may cause your financial plan to fail. 

3 . Gather Required Documentation 

To smooth the loan application process, have the supporting documents in your hands as early as possible. For lenders, it is common to demand official documents with personal information, living address, income, work experience, and finance statements. Having all these credentials on the ready will guarantee pomp and happiness in the submission process. 

Fortunately, the Rufilo app only demands a digital picture of your Aadhar Card along with your basic personal information. Thus, it implies a fast and convenient way of processing loan applications and getting loan approval in a short time.  

4. Provide Accurate Information 

The truthfulness and actuality of the data when applying for a loan is of primary value, as they say. On any mistakes or deceptive facts, your loan can become a thing of the past. Verify all the information before sending your application in order to avoid applying with insufficient information and slowing down the whole process. 

5. Showcase your Income  

One of the things lenders look at is whether you can afford to pay the money back by looking at your income and the chances that it will be stable. The fact that you are consistent in getting the amount of income expected is regarded as an advantage through which you will come closer to getting a personal loan approved. 


Getting a small loan approval from the Rufilo app assures getting the required funds in no time. You can have a better assurance of getting a personal loan by understanding your income, researching lenders, and projecting favorable records of your personal finances.  

Do not forget to read the conditions once again, pose questions, and decide with your own head to understand that the loan deals with your situation and your needs properly.  

So, wait no more to apply for a small personal loan. Simply download the Rufilo app and get things going in your favor.