5 Ways to Attract Local Customers to Your Jewellery Store

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Dealing in precious stones and metal is a lucrative business but not an exclusive one. In the past few years a lot of people have taken to the jewellery business as a means of living as a result of which a lot of retail shops selling jewellery has sprung up in every part of the world. This has only increased the competition among the business owners and made it increasingly difficult for those who are just starting out and trying to make mark. But we hear you. You need not have a huge fancy showroom in a posh locality to get your business running. All you have to do is work smartly. Here are a few ways to attract local customers to your jewellery store and grow your business.

Efficient staff training: Your staff is the people who directly interact with the customers and play a major role in converting interested customers into buyers.Hence, a lot of attention should be given to staff training that teaches them how to engage a customer. All your staff should be cheerful and exude a warm personality towards the customers. They should be able to make mindful conversations with them in order to understand what exactly they are looking for. They should patiently answer all questions of the customers and show them around with an attitude to help and serve.All these things will go a long way in increasing your sales.

Customer experience: These days all customers are looking for convenience and a good experience. If you’re store can provide them with these, like they do at Hatton Garden Jewellers London, then your business is definitely going to soar. From the moment a customer steps into your store, make sure to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. A suitable drink on a comfortable sofa goes a long way in making them feel at ease. You can also add a few gadgets for all the tech savvy people where you can show videos and pictures of your collection which is not on display. Cater to all the needs of the customer and provide them with the best customer service in case of any issues and complaints.

Build your brand:Staying true to the value of your brand will make your customers return to you because there is no one else that will provide them with the same product and experience. You should build the name of your brand stressing on your unique selling point. Your unique selling point can be anything. It can either be your products, your attitude towards your customer or the atmosphere of your store. Make sure you identify what works for you and make it your signature style improving on it as time passes.

Offer exclusive discounts: Sales and discounts are a great way to market and advertise your products which will not just help you reach out to a large number of people but is also likely to increase your sales. The ultimate goal is to make the customer happy by offering a free gift during the festive season and seasonal discounts to reduce the price on your product range. Loyalty programs are also a great way to ensure that the customers are satisfied with your business and look forward to shopping with you again.

Multiple payment options: When you offer multiple payment methods to your customers, you tend to attract a wider customer base and reduce attrition that happens due to an unfavorable payment method. Buying jewellery may involve a huge investment and therefor keeping multiple payment options makes it convenient for the customer to choose whichever method they are comfortable with. For example, Hatton Gardens Engagement rings can be bought on a no credit financing basis which makes it an easier purchase for the ones who have just started working. Hence, not only will you attract more customers but make your business grow as well.

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