7 Australian Adventurous Road Trip Routes

Australian Travel Routes

When you think about going down, a road trip to Australia must be one of the best ways to experience the most of this diverse (and very huge!) country.

Take some wheels and go through the western outback on the lovely, rugged coastlines, or deep into the middle of Australia’s red center.

East Coast: Brisbane Cairns

This drive from Cairns to Brisbane is one of Australia’s most popular roads. The winding drive is along the sea, passing some of the most spectacular natural landmarks in the world – Fraser Island, the Whitsundays, and of course the Grand Barrier Reef Islands. A perfect introduction to Australia, Queensland is the adventure hub of Oz with a few of the activities that you can select, including skydiving, bungee saving, and rafting.

Queensland’s amazing coast is enough to take you all of the coastal route from Cairns to Brisbane; yet another game-changer is the myriad beaches and islands accessible from the road! The path is well maintained with parts that almost skim on the beaches, so you can make sure that Cairns is part of your world journey. Cairns is also part of the surface.

Highway Pacific: Brisbane to Sydney

It takes you from Sydney to Brisbane, two of Australia’s biggest cities. After you’ve left Brisbane, literally you’re just jumping on the Pacific coast from beach to beach. The stunning rocks and wide-open beaches of Bouddi National Park, Lennox Head, and Byron Bay, take us south, with both locals and travelers heading on the waves on their surfboards.

The drive to the east coast follows the migration of the humpback whales to Antarctica, so you can stop and book a ride nearly anywhere. Go inland to the Hunter Valley and try a glass of Chardonnay, then go into Sydney for the sunset behind the sails of the opera house and settle at a quay bar.

Melbourne to Adelaide Great Ocean Path

The Great Ocean Path lies next to the windsurfing Southern Ocean, one of the most scenic coastal tracks in the world. You will discover a beautiful coastline within an easy drive of Melbourne, home to some of Australia’s most popular surf meccas (the biggest champion Bells Beach near Torquay) and the calestonic towers known as the 12 apostles at the Port Campbell national park. Go for a bushwalk through the pristine rainforest to meet a surprising array of natural fauna, such as koalas and kangaroos, and perhaps platypus.

Discover delicious local goods in the picturesque port of Port Fairy and read about the ancient aboriginal life in Narana Aboriginal Cultural Center at Cape Otway Lighthouse, Australia’s oldest mainland lighthouse.

The Stuart Highway Adelaide to Darwin

This classic path parallels John McDouall Stuart’s journey to Darwin, Northern Territory’s capital, from Adelaide. Take the solitary path in the heart of Australia and look at the landscape from the Flinders Ranges mountain into the red rock of the Central Wilderness and the enormous north gorges. This is the last road trip almost 3000 km far from the Australian outback. This is the last one to lead you.

Nothing says road trip like the Australian deserts, where a true Australian spirit is best encountered by going into the distance and not looking back. Just John McDouall Stuart and his team completed the journey through the wild to the northern coasts of Australia 150 years ago and are still seen as a great accomplishment in the country’s vast center!

Adelaide to Perth, southwest side

One of the most impressive roads along Australia’s southern coast is the length of the road, mostly through the plains from Adelaide to Perth. A vast area and the hardest environment in the world, the Nullarbor Plain (zero – no trees – no trees), with roads where a soul or building for hundreds of kilometers is not visible. There is a 90-mile stretch of the road – but you have to look pretty good to see the end! Don’t forget to rest for the lovely beaches and the beaches and to see the gold panning in Cape Le Grand National Park.

‘Crossing the Nullarbor’ is one of Australia’s classic outback events and one of Australia’s finest drives. The open lane, the absence of towns, makes it one of the best places to gazing at stars – pull over, lie on the cap and see if you can see the ‘Emu in the Sky’ and the South Cross.

Ocean Loop in Tasmania

The status of Tasmania is always excluding it from Australian road trip collections, but here we saw nothing needed to do it. Tasmania is a convenient ferry trip from Melbourne or a quick 15-minute flight and you can stay near the robust beaches that cover this magnificent island by the sea road loops right round around the island. The joys of Australia await you with history, culture, and wildlife.

Tasmania can’t be seen any better than driving. When you visit the island, the chance to rest and explore wherever you want is a big bonus. You can find parts of Tasmania not inaccessible by Public Transportation, but rather by driving than sticking to the city. Tasmania has the formula for a great road trip! The distance and views are small.

The West Coast: The West Coast

If the tourist trail is really to be followed, head west to the scenic road from Perth to Broome. This path takes you by the bush into Australia’s true wilderness, taking the coast along the north across Western Australia’s gorges. Dive the Ningaloo reef before hitting Broome and relax at the red Roebuck Bay beaches.

Western Australia is much less visited than the eastern coast, and so the effect of tourism on this side of the country is less evident. Driving through the pristine outback is a great way to get to know his region instead of merely visiting the main town of Perth, sailing between national parks and barren beaches. This drive will make you love the west of Australia with so much to offer.

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