7 Funny Yet Cool Logics of Indian Moms That Are Hard to Ignore

7 funny yet cool logics of indian moms that are hard to ignore

Mommie are the coolest creatures and so are the logics that she throws in our face. Just observe your mom for a day, you will feel that she is an out of this world creature. I mean, she is different from the rest of us. Her way of looking at certain things, her approach towards life, her principles everything is just very different. She is someone who strongly believes in things and no matter how illogical they might appear to you, you cannot win her over logic. Im talking about the logic that she uses in her daily life. Well, I know a lot must have changed over the years since your birth. She may have become more carefree and respect your space, become more understanding and many more things, but one thing that always has stayed constant is her funny take on things.  

This mothers day, as everyone is busy looking for a perfect mother’s day gift, I’m busy shortlisting the time my mom amuses me with her cool logic. I’m sure there are many times your mom does it too and there will be so many logics where all indian moms will relate with each other. If you think that its only your mom who has such an approach towards life, keep reading, you will know it happens in all houses. Lets begin with the most relatable ones and I hope you find something to relate with. 

Kaala teeka is your saviour

Call it a superstition or just a logic that mommies are damn sure about but nothing can change your mom believing in the concept that a ‘kala tikka’ is your supreme protector. It will save you from all the negativity or evil eyes that people put upon you. Yes, indian moms put a black mark behind the years because they strongly believe that it protects you from all types of evil forces in the world and no matter which part of the world you are, the powers work and evil of all cultures understand the powers of kajal dot. Funny? Don’t say it infront of her. 

Everything can be cured with her ‘nuskhe’

Having a headache? Or your tummy hurts? Feeling down for no reason? Well, no need to see a doctor because moms have desi nuskhes for every type of ailment. Yes, she knows so many medicinal recipes that can cure you within no time. Visiting a doctor for a mere tummy pache is such a time waste according to her because all you need to do is drink her homemade medicinal “kadha”, and you will see the magic. Of Course she does not want to worsen your condition but it’s her logic that makes her feel that homemade things have better effects than the medicines. 

Always keep your hair oiled to protect them

Oiling is one of her hobbies. She just loves putting oil on everything, and hides it in your food. So, she strongly believes that keeping your hair oiled or applying oil to hair every sunday will help them grow long. This is something she has done since you were a kid, right? And she stands firm with this belief. Oiling every sunday will make hair stronger and longer. Well, if it works for you, go ahead, there is nothing wrong with it. 

Your neighbour kid score matters

This may irritate you at times, but for her, the neighbor kids score does matter. You should score more than him or her. She is guilty of comparing your caliber with your batch mates. If you didn’t, well, cover up with a nice mother’s day gift in delhi

Waking up early is the key to success

For all the mums around the world, waking up early is the key to success. That is the mantra she has always believed in and i think that is why she wakes up early in the morning for apparently no reason. 

Eating sweet curd brings you luck

Whenever you step out of the house, you must eat sweetened curd because it ought to bring you good luck. 

Reason to all your problems – mobile phone

Her logic – the root to all your problems, physical or  mental are because you spend too much time on your mobile phone. These are some cool logics of indian moms that can’t be ignored.