Desert Safari in Dubai

A Beautiful Culture and a Great Vacation Abroad

Dubai’s Desert Safari is one of the exciting adventures to include on a Dubai Tour. The tour includes all the fun activities such as Belly Dancing, Dune Bashing, Tanahara, Sandboarding, Camel Riding, Windsurfing, Water Skiing and Great Outdoor Rides. Besides, your palate is well taken care of, delicious BBQ Food with Non-Veg and Vegan optional dishes are served at your Desert Safari Tour in Dubai. It will make your trip more memorable for sure. So, pack your bags, grab your binoculars and make your desert!


This is the most popular one among the desert safari Dubai tours. The experience begins with a 5-star spa and then it is off to the desert. The overnight safari starts from the airport as it takes you to a lush oasis with natural pools, flowers, plants and trees. The oasis has bathrooms, spas, Jacuzzi and swimming pools.


The adventure activities make you come across various amazing locations with all kinds of amazing scenery. The adventurous tours are organized on a daily basis and offer different kinds of adventure activities to the tourists. The adventure activities offered by Dubai desert conservation reserve are completely under the charge of the Dubai government. They organize the adventure activities on behalf of the Dubai tourism industry and offer the desert safari Dubai tours.

The other exciting adventure activities include the camel safari in the desert. Here, you will ride on top of a specially designed camel that will give you the best experience of the desert safaris. You will see the wild animals like the cheetah, zebra, impala and the black rhino. You can also enjoy a barbeque dinner in the beautiful town of Dubai, which is served on top of the sand dunes.

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Another adventure activity that you will love is the night desert safari. Here, you will enjoy the sunset view over the sandy dune basins. You will be taken to the lookout point by your guide at the camp, which has a wonderful view of the star studded sky. The camp has an internet connection and you can even stay up to watch the stars at night.

In this desert safari, you will be taking a camel ride on the sands. You will be given a camel that will lead you to the dunes where you will see animals like the duppies, zebra, antelopes, gazelles and others. The saddle on which the camels are seated is made from metal and they are decorated with brass. The tents that are provided for the camp members have mosquito nets spread over them for protection. A camel trekking excursion also includes a night safari for those adventurous types who want to see the stars.

On your desert safari you will not want to miss the camel trekking which starts from the camp and takes you to the dunes. The trip takes about three hours and then you will have a choice of camping in the sand or in a comfortable caravan that has all the facilities you need. You can have a lunch buffet dinner or the camel ride during the day. If you feel like going for the morning camel ride, make sure you pack up the food as the camp will not allow outside food storage.

There are many more adventure activities in desert safaris. The guides will organize them in such a way that everyone can participate in them. You can go for swimming and snorkeling if you are interested in the water. You can also go for mountain climbing and kayaking if you want to get a good view of the area. Desert safaris are exciting and offer an opportunity to see the true beauty of the place in a wonderful and romantic environment.

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