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Winter in Mountains

Brahmatal is the place named after Lord Brahma. It is believed that Lord Brahma meditated here for several years. Thus, its name. Nestling deep of the Uttarakhand Himalayas, the Brahmatal lake trek is one of the rarest Himalayan destinations. The journey through mesmerizing valleys, the tranquil streams, tiny hamlets, woods of Oak, Conifer, cedar, and fir will show you how lucky you are to have chosen Brahmatal Trek. Among hundred other snow-capped mountains and amazing valley trails, Brahmatal Tal trek is an exclusive winter trek in Uttarakhand. One is offered splendid views of Mt. Trishul, Mt. Nanda Ghunti, Mt.Mana, Mt. Neelkanth, Mt. Chaukhamba, Mt Hathi Ghoda on the trek to Brahmatal Tal. You could also encounter the Roopkund trek trail including views of Ali Bugyal, Bedni Bugyal & Junargali. At 3400 m, find out what more awaits you! 

The Brahmatal Lake

The lake is situated beautifully in the middle of an undulating meadow. The medium-sized lake is situated beneath the ridge and one can locate it while getting down from the ridge. The lake got its name after the legend Lord Brahma. It is believed that he meditated beside this lake. Bekal Tal is another lake hidden inside a thick forest on the Brahmatal lake trail. Topped with a tree or two, though it is a not huge lake, the tranquil blue oasis in the middle of a vast meadow. The uneven snow fillings on all sides of the lake and gazing at the sky changing vistas from yellow to orange to pink to blue will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime reward. Camping just 500 meters away from the lake would be a priceless luxury. 

Ridge walk from Tilandi to Jhandi Top

The ridge runs parallel to Ali Bugyal of Roopkund trek. Scaling all the way up, one can have a grand view of the Trishul range. Considered to be the best ridge walk reaching the Jandi Top. Trishul range on one side, rolling mountain ranges on the other side, Brahmatal lake trek can give you adventures like no other. 


A dedicated section of Rhododendrons!


Walkthrough centuries-old forests of Oaks and Rhododendrons from Bekal Tal to Tilandi! The site of a thick section of Rhododendron forests right after Bekaltal is a real treat. They are so tall and close enough to form a green roof throughout your trail. How about walking under a green roof and above a blanket of snow?!.

Trick and treats!

Anyone would definitely take extra care to explore every inch of the Brahmatal trek route. From east to the west, one can get a clear picture of the Himalayan ranges. Mrigthuni, Devtoli, and Maikoti peak of Kumaon is visible on the right. Bethartoli Himal and Nanda Ghunti stand majestic in the north. Peaks of Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Kamet, Hathi, and Ghoda waits for you on the left. Birds-eye view of the route including Ali Bugyal, Bedni Bugyal, Roopkund, Junargali, and Ronti saddle is visible to your eyes just opposite of the ridge. 


Day 1: Kathgodam to Lohajung 

Ranikhet Express, Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti Express, and NDLS-Kathgodam Shatabdi from Delhi will take you to Kathgodam. One can reach Lohajung via cab or bus since there is no direct route to Lohajung.

Day 2 : Lohajung to Bekaltal

 Kali valley, Mandoli village, the confluence of two rivers, Kali and Pindari, camping close to Lake Khopdaliya are all treats for the day. 

Day 3 : Bekaltal to Brahmatal

The oak and rhododendron forests, Telandi meadow, valleys of Almora and Nainital greets you on your 3rd day of the trek.

Day 4 : Brahmatal to Tilbudi via Brahmatal Pass

Grand view of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti. 180-degree views of the great Himalayan ranges. Mesmerizing views of the snow-capped mountains mentioned.

Day 5 : Tilbudi to Lohajung via Wan

Trail dotted with oak and rhododendron trees and beautiful surroundings. Water source at Chota Tilbudi.


Day 6: Lohajung to Kathgodam

Brahmatal Trek – Popular Winter Trek

Summer or winter, Brahmatal lets you witness the unique vistas at whichever time you choose to trek. One can enjoy trekking the trail covered in snow from mid-November to March. From April to May, the rich and colorful landscape will captivate your hearts! 

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