All About Pramotoring

Kids or adults, all would have dreamt of flying in the sky, feeling the clouds, and witnessing the land of tiny humans moving non-stop! Thick and never-ending forests would look like a patch of green on the side. Enormous rugged and browny peaks would seem like beach sand mountains. On the face of water bodies, you could see yourself flying high in the sky and probably wonder how deep the lake would be or what would happen if you fall in the middle of such a huge water body! Our imaginations are wild undeniably! But what if I tell you that your imagination or dream can come true?…


Paramotoring is a derivation from Paragliding. Paragliders use a wing to gain altitude and speed accords with the environmental factors. Unlike paragliders, paramotors use a giant fan to move the flyer forward and upward. India is slowly gaining ground to this venturesome sport along with parasailing and paragliding. Imagine flying above India’s variety of landscapes and forests and filling your hearts with panoramic views!


Paramotors’ main ingredient includes a motor that thrusts the wind while gliding. So a wide take-off area is not required because the motor will help you take-off from anywhere! Paramotoring is an apt adventure if you love to see your imagination come true!

Best season

Clear skies are the utmost check. Due to invisibility and safety conditions, paramotoring is avoidable during the rainy season. But prior check on the weather forecast and running through the wind speed and gusts estimates are essential. The wind gusts make a flight jolting and potentially dangerous that no one would like!

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Paramotoring in India


Paramotoring in Jaisalmer is a must when you are making a list of adventures in Rajasthan. Have splendid and 360 degrees views of golden dunes from above! Accompanied by a pilot, you could wander off in the sky for about an hour carefree because the pilot will take care of you and the motor! Not only could you soak yourself in flying, but you could also click some pictures and selfies with the landscape and sky as your background. 

A paramotor ride in Sam And Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer that is located 42 kilometers from the main city is the perfect way to witness the beauty of the deserts from the sky. Along with more exciting things about Rajasthan, paramotoring is a one-of-a-kind experience. Anyone who is looking for thrilling yet memorable stunts in life should never think twice about doing paramotoring!


Situated in Thanehave, Post Sajgaon, one can soar into the skies and enjoy the fresh breeze as you paramotor above Mumbai. Without the busy streets, buildings, and buses, the outskirts of Mumbai has amazing treasures to explore. You can have a bird’s eye view of the rolling ranges of Sahyadris and the western sea coast. It is possible to undergo paramotoring pilot training. And that is a gift because you could lay eyes on the areas of Vasai and Virar region.


The pink city of India is a major attraction across the world. One can take up paramotoring to witness how colorful and huge the city is! Paramotoring happens in the famous Amer fort. So, you are offered picturesque views of the forts and dunes of Jaipur. 

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Ganpati Pule

Ganpati Pule will excite you since you could become a licensed Paramotorer by undergoing training. Located on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, Ganapati Pule is considered the best place for Paramotoring in India. The weather conditions and wind speed make the flying smooth without bumpiness. Since the take-off and landing spot is right on the beach, there shall be no disturbance. You could have your own time!


The Mandrem beach is the spot for paramotoring in Goa. The silent beach is located in the north of Goa closer to Arambol beach. The beach has the right wind speed, which is good enough to have your first try with the paramotor. 


Such a busy and metropolitan city in India, Bangalore also has this exciting and adventurous sport. If you are one of the city dwellers who is looking for a stress-free break, then soar high in the sky to see how Bangalore looks from above.

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