Amazing Tourist Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss in Turkey

Amazing Tourist Experiences You Shouldn'T Miss In Turkey

Turkey is a land so diverse and constantly contrasted with itself that attracts people from around the world to book cheap flights. For starters, many places can give you a taste of this country’s unique blend of history, culture, and natural wonders. Traveling through this country from west to east, the traveler will discover amazing cultural differences and ways of life. From the cutting edge, cosmopolitan funding toward the eastern stations, there’s a huge improvement.

Indeed, even extraordinary normal spots are as yet loaded up with remainders of mankind’s set of experiences and are different to such an extent that it is difficult to accept that they are completely situated in one nation.

Ancient Treasures

As the sun begins to hide below the horizon and the sky turns deep blue, the loudspeakers attached to the minarets of mosques across the city come to life when they hear a roaring call for prayer. If you are standing on the right side of the city, you can hear these songs floating in the night air, seemingly calling each other from three or four mosques at once.

Standing in Sultanahmet Park between two of the world’s most impressive ancient mosques, Aya Sofia and Sultanahmet, and experiencing the call to prayer is an experience that will stay with you forever.
These two huge buildings are located in the heart of the ancient city of Istanbul and are two of the most impressive places to visit.

Traditional Turkish Gulet

Gulets are characteristic wooden boats sailing on the Mediterranean Sea. Swim in the same waters where the word turquoise was born; the first part of the word comes from the word Turk which means Turkish and is so named because of the intense blue color of the sea surrounding the southern coast of Turkey. Also, watch out for dolphins as they many at times come around to amuse people who visit Turkey with Turkish Airline flights.

Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling

The sun hits the backs of fifty men hard, who make high jumps, jumping across a meadow of tall grass and hitting the air with their knees. The booming drum beats and the piercing horns constantly play. The men, covered with a slippery layer of oil and wearing only leather shin pants, pair up and immediately take part in a fierce fight.

In the crowded stadium, cheers erupt as some of the world’s most popular wrestlers win their fights, and the pitch slowly draws exhausted, powerful men into one match. With its end, the first heavyweight round of the ancient festival ends. This is how the main event of the Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling tournament begins.

The occasion, the rivalry of the longest-running game on the planet, is held every year in Edirne, a humble community on the European side of the nation, and draws in a great many guests from everywhere Turkey and Europe.

Travertine Pools

Once you arrive in the small town of Pamukkale, it’s almost impossible to miss the city’s main attraction. Overlooking the city, there is a strikingly beautiful white “cotton castle”, as the name means in Turkish. The attraction is the calcium deposits that seem to flow like melting glue down a large hill towards the city.

As you approach the hill and start climbing, you can see that it is covered with a thick layer of white limestone that has been slowly added over the centuries as the water that flows from the hot pools above deposited more and more chunks of calcium. Since it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, the authorities have made changes for the people booking cheap flights to Turkey and visiting this place.

Now people can no longer walk or sit in the naturally formed pools, but there are still wooden promenades that lead around and over some of the pools, providing a great view without damaging the delicate spot.

City of Ephesus

If you’ve ever wondered what your life would be like if you lived in the time of Jesus Christ and you don’t have a time machine today, then the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus are your best bet. It is one of the best-preserved examples of an ancient city in the world and boasts amazing structures. The most characteristic facade is the Roman library of Celsus. Whether or not you go on an off-road hike, be sure to stay close to closing time.

At this point, you can virtually explore the city in the low light of the late afternoon, at least compared to the crowds of tourists that maybe there during the day. At this time of day, as you walk along with the large stones that make up the ancient main road towards the dusty brown two-story library, you feel as though it could be any period in time.

It would be easy to believe that you walked the main artery of Ephesus when it was a flourishing city during the reign of the Roman Empire. Don’t forget to visit this place whenever you take your Turkish Airlines flights if you’re interested in history because this place will suit you perfectly.

As you can see, Turkey boasts some amazing places not to be missed. There are many more things to do in Turkey so make sure to book cheap flights to Turkey to experience all of that.

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