How to Grow an Australian Gum tree From Seed | Growing Eucalyptus

Australian Gum tree

In this article, I want to discuss planting an Australian gum tree, also known as a eucalyptus tree. No, I’m not talking about that classifieds website, I mean the gum tree with leaves. These trees are pretty hardy and very pretty examples of native Australian bushland.

grow eucalyptus from seed

How to Grow an Australian Gum tree From Seed | Growing Eucalyptus From Seed:

I’m going to show you here how I do my austrlian gum tree seed starting mix for these now I am using the jiffy organic seed starting mix.

I have nice warm water here you can use hot water too and we’re going to just start mixing it up here now you do not want your seed starting to mix soupy you want it like a nice consistency and texture you don’t want it soupy or really soggy australian gum tree likes good drainage so we want to make sure that it has really good drainage to it the container that I’m going to be using is actually a flat it’s a three used food tray and I will show that to you then as soon as I get this mixed up.

Here this is a nice consistency here it’s not soupy it’s not really soggy and sopping wet it’s nice and the way that we want it here so I’m going to grab my container here so this is the container I’m going to be using here got some dust and stuff in it sorry about that so we’re just going to fill this up I did punch holes in it for drainage because we really want the drainage with it and I’m just filling this up here with this.

I will be taking them out then after they germinate and we’ll be transplanting them to their own containers I did try and grow these in jiffy peat pellets I was not pleased with my results that didn’t work for me so we’re just going to go this way with them and you’re going to try and get your soil nice and even and level because you don’t want the australian gum tree seeds to fall down into a hole because they do need some light to germinate.

So when we put our australian gum tree seeds in here we are barely going to even cover the seed so go that looks nice right there so take this away here that got my treasure so I’m just making sure it’s nice and even here for us and leveled there we go whoops I’m sorry about that however you realize that so australian gum tree takes 14 to 21 days to germinate direct seeding of this seed is not recommended the seeds are very small and they germinate best at 65 to 70 degrees so I’m going to get these seeds out here.

Small australian gum tree seeds are pretty small and we’re going to be planting these here I believe we’re planting about 14 yeah and we’re just going to put it on top of the soil and press it in just a little bit to make sure it gets good contact so I went for crossed and these australian gum tree seeds are pre-chilled so I had them in the refrigerator and a ziploc bag and I’m just barely pressing them into the soil so when I get finished with all these we’re going to come back and then I’ll show you how to cover them.

We’re going to just barely even cover these so we’re not even putting 1/4 inch of a covering over them we’re just gently just sprinkling a teeny bit of soil over these you should not know it’s not a seat, okay and what we’re actually going to do then they recommend bottom watering these like filling this tray up

I’m just going to gently use a spray bottle on it and just gently spray over the area and I mean this is it’s such a light coating it’s sort of like a dusting just over them this is one that you could possibly even not cover I’ve never tried it before I don’t think I just gave him a very gentle covering and do gum tree they actually they were slow growers in my opinion at first and then they just all of a sudden took off and started growing for me and

I used them in arrangements and they were very beautiful and I also use them I dried them and they came out really nice. So, we’re just going to gently spray over this it should be good there. So, I’m going to take these over to our growing station and then I’ll come back and I’ll show you what that looks like. If you live in an area that doesn’t get a frost you can grow these as perennial definitely want to make sure with these that we do not get them too wet. They like well-drained soil I cannot stress that enough so we’ll be right back okay so I put this in our grow box here and this should keep this nice and warm for us. And I did enclose it in a plastic bag to keep the moisture in for us because we don’t want our soil to dry out while the seeds are germinating.

Hope you get some ideas from this article: how to grow an australian gum tree from seed.

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