The Beauty and Finesse of Clip In Hair Extensions

The Beauty and Finesse of Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are growing more popular by the day. Their popularity is not surprising when you consider the improvements in the product and the variety of options available to customers. Do not sit in a salon for hours or paying an arm and a leg to get it done. These days, clip in extensions are the ultimate temporary solution – your can change your look in minutes without worrying about damaging your hair.

Many people are unaware of just how many options there are with clip ins and just how great clip in extensions can look. Read on to find out more. BeautyFlow offers some of the best clip in hair extensions in the market. We sell everything, including golden blonde, brown blonde, chocolate brown, and natural black clip in hair extensions.

Why Hair Extensions?

There are many reasons why people turn to clip in extensions. In the past, the horror stories of hair loss – and even pain – from getting hair extensions put in professionally was enough for some people to take a pass on them. After all, when you’re trying to thicken and lengthen your hair, you don’t really want to damage what you’ve got.

However luckily, clip in extensions available now come with pain-free application and easy removal, allowing you to change your look and style in just minutes, a perfect solution for busy women who simply don’t have the luxury of spending countless hours on their hair.

All of BeautyFlow’s clip in extensions come with pressure sensitive clips than open and close when the right amount of pressure is applied. This allows for ease of application as well as removal.

Types of Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions come in a variety of types, however what it really comes down to is what your budget is, the look you want to achieve, and what is most comfortable for you.

You may choose from wider, single pieces that fit onto the crown of your head, individual pieces for adding strands just where you want them, and those which add length purely from the nape of your neck. You can utilize a combination of varying pieces to achieve your perfect look, adding highlights or hair colour just where you want them.

Additionally, clip in extensions will come in a variety of textures and colors, and will come in both human hair and synthetic options. Some more high pieces are even available with hair, which allows for better styling capability and a more natural appearance.

At BeautyFlow, we offer clip in hair extensions that are made from virgin hair, the best hair available in the market. This hair is then colored to get the different varieties we have on offer.

Lots of options available

Many clip in sets come in a pre-set configuration of 10 weft pieces: there are 2 weft pieces each measuring 20 cm with 4 clips per piece. 2 weft pieces each measuring 15cm with each with 3 clips per piece. 2 weft pieces each measuring 10cm with 2 clips per piece. Four weft pieces each measuring 2.5cm with 1 clip per piece. Together this makes a total of 10 weft pieces, which is all you need to cover your entire head.

We also have three different thickness types depending on the volume a client wants. Our 120g sets are for clients with fine to medium density hair. BeautyFlow’s 160g set are much thicker and are for clients with medium to thick hair. This is our most popular set. Finally, we have a 220g set if you have very thick hair and want a very full look. The 220g set is not recommended if you are getting clip in hair extensions for the first time.

Types of clip in extensions
Types of clip in extensions (source)

Human Hair Extensions

Why does offer only clip in human hair extensions and not synthetic extensions? We strongly believe that preferred choice when it comes to changing a person’s look are clip in human hair extensions.

Human hair is the top of the line in both feel and appearance, it lasts the longest, and the styling options are virtually endless. Human hair allows you to change the style with any type of heat tool. It may be colored, and with high quality hair, you will have little to no tangles when working with it.

Of course, synthetic versions have their place in life as well: they are budget-friendly, they are not affected by weather, and are a great option for first-time users who want to try extensions out without ruining their budget. The downside? They only last from 1-3 months before visible wear is seen. Blending them with your own natural hair can be difficult. Clip in human hair extensions are much, much better by a wide margin, and is the reason why we offer them to our clients.

Best Clip In Extensions

If you’re going for quality, shine, and lasting beauty, the best clip in hair extensions are going to be those which feature human hair (as mentioned above). However, there are instances where getting a natural look isn’t the goal, or if the price tag simply just doesn’t allow it. In these cases, cheaper options are recommended. Here are a few tips for choosing the best clip in hair extensions.

When you’re looking for elegance, human hair would be the best clip in hair extensions for this. Gorgeous human hair can’t be beat, regardless of which style you are trying to achieve. The supreme quality of the natural hair can give you the most flexibility when it comes to style, workability and shine.

Always consider length

When you’re trying to decide on length… to achieve a balanced, naturally thicker and longer look, first measure your hair from crown to ends. If your hair is short and it measures 6-10 inches, you may want to choose 10″-14″ would be the best clip in hair extensions.

When it’s medium length and measures around 11-14 inches, try 14″-18″ would be the best clip in extensions. Or you have long hair, which is 15 inches or longer from crown to ends. Then you may want to add extensions that are 18 inches or more. Additionally, the best clip in hair extensions may come in a variety of styles to create specific look. Your original hair length won’t necessarily matter.

When you want to add highlights or string of color, this is going to depend on the look you’re trying to achieve. Bright, trendy colors may be achieved through the use of synthetic hair that you don’t mind trashing after a few weeks. While human hair is going to give you more control over your color, especially if you want to change it.

Cost savings

When you’re concerned about cost. While synthetic options are a great idea for those on a budget, they don’t last very long. However, they are great for people who just want to try them out and see if they like wearing them. If you plan on making extensions part of your regular beauty routine,  consider purchasing virgin human hair. Human hair makes the best clip in hair extensions, will last longer, and it may save you money in the long run.

Thin or thinning hair is a large reason why many women turn to clip in extensions. For those who just want to add a little volume, sticking closely to the length recommendations can help. You can even use a clip in bang to cover up any thinning at the front.

Caring for Clip On Hair Extensions
Caring for Clip On Hair Extensions

Caring for Hair Extensions

Clip on hair extensions are the easiest way to change your look. Go from sweet to sexy in a matter of seconds. It’s so simple, anyone can put them in. The one thing you can’t forget?

You still have to care for your extensions properly. Human hair extensions must be washed and conditioned as if they were your own. Although not as frequently as you might your own hair.

Below are some care tips to keep in mind

First we advise clients not to bleach or dye their clip on hair extensions. The hair has already been processed to get its current colour and further processing may damage the hair. Our recommendation is that you simply pick the right colour from the beginning.

You should wash your clip on hair extensions about every 10 to 20 wears. Or when there is too much build up. Use a non-drying conditioner and shampoo and lukewarm water and air dry the hair. Third, brush your clip ons each night before sleeping and 2-3 times during the day to manage tangling. Especially if its windy.

Use a soft bristle or paddle brush and never fine tooth combs. Fourth, you can style your hair with hot tools, however use a heat protections spray. And finally, make sure you remove your BeautyFlow clip on hair extensions before going to sleep

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