Bilal Hameed’s Residence in Model Town Lahore By Archi Cubes


The residence is a great example of neoclassical construction, carefully centered to create balance and harmony. Its clean lines, defined shapes, and volumetric symmetry reflect simplicity and beauty. The towering columns, which stand freely and span the entire height of the building, lend grandeur while also bearing structural weight. Minimal cornices gracefully traverse the façade, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal and refinement of the design. This architectural marvel was designed to reach classical perfection, capturing the sense of everlasting beauty and refinement by the best architects in Lahore.

Project Overview: Best Architects in Lahore

Archi Cube’s best architects in Lahore launched an amazing residential design project in Model Town in 2021. Bilal Hameed commissioned this 7,428-square-foot project, which illustrates Archi Cubes’ commitment to combining innovation with utilitarian design principles. The external design idea focuses on harmonizing modern aesthetics with the surrounding environment, resulting in a seamless integration with Model Town’s residential setting. The design team used a variety of materials and architectural aspects to improve the property’s curb appeal and utility, paying close attention to detail. This project demonstrates Archi Cubes’ skill in developing visually appealing and functional outdoor areas adapted to the demands and tastes of their discriminating clientele.

When Bilal Hameed entrusted Archi Cubes with the transformation of his residence, Architect Zaeem Ahmad and his design team embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. The project entailed a comprehensive redesign of the interior spaces, harmoniously blending aesthetic appeal, functionality, and personalized touches.


From Vision to Reality

Archi Cubes began the project by doing thorough research on Bilal’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle. The design team learned a lot about the client’s vision and goals throughout collaboration discussions. This insight allowed them to create a unique design concept that reflected Bilal’s personality and met his wants.

Inspired by Bilal’s vision, Archi Cube’s best architects in Lahore sought to create a seamless combination of modern aesthetics and comfortable living. The design team recognized the necessity of striking a balance between functionality and visual appeal, ensuring that every part of the home was both attractive and functional.


The Interior Canvas: Painting a Picture of Style

With a great eye for detail and a thorough understanding of the client’s goal, interior designers at Archi Cube precisely chose each interior design piece to create harmonious and efficient living spaces. 

The grand entryway, the first point of entry into the house, was turned into a breathtaking space that set the tone for the rest of the design. The best architects in Lahore, Archi Cube meticulously chose a palette of neutral tones, enhanced with subtle textures and patterns, to create a sophisticated and welcoming ambiance. The furnishings and lighting fixtures in the entryway were chosen for their sleek lines and modern look, perfectly expressing the essence of contemporary design.


The bedrooms were built to be quiet retreats, focusing on comfort and seclusion. The best architects in Lahore, Archi Cube used soothing color palettes, plush furnishings, and sophisticated design features to create a serene and quiet environment ideal for relaxation. Customized storage solutions and intelligent spatial design ensured that each bedroom was both useful and visually appealing.

The kitchen and bathrooms, which require maximum functionality, were created with both style and practicality in mind. Designers chose high-quality fixtures, modern appliances, and creative storage solutions to create rooms that were both attractive and functional. The kitchen’s clean lines and modern style made it an ideal location for cooking and entertaining, while the bathrooms’ elegant design and luxury fixtures produced a spa-like environment, great for relaxation.


Grand Foyer

The great lobby greets visitors with a remarkable blend of clean lines, luxury finishes, and carefully chosen lighting fixtures. To create a stylish and inviting ambiance, the best architects in Lahore, design team used a neutral color palette complemented by subtle textures and patterns.

Vibrant Living Spaces

The living spaces are welcoming locations for leisure and socialization. Best Architects in Lahore, Archi Cubes chose furniture with simple lines, comfy upholstery, and a focus on function. The design team also carefully selected materials, color schemes, and lighting fixtures to create a cohesive and visually appealing environment throughout.


The Last Detail: Where Perfection Meets Precision

The best architects in Lahore, Archi Cubes took a careful approach to every component of the project, including the lighting fixtures, flooring materials, and finishes. The goal was to build a unified and visually appealing design that would withstand the test of time. The team took into account every element, from artwork placement to furniture arrangement, to ensure a seamless flow throughout the home.

Bespoke Solutions

Archi Cubes used creative solutions throughout the design to match Bilal’s style and preferences. From fitted furniture pieces to one-of-a-kind decorative accents, every part of the design was meticulously examined to create a distinctive living area.


Sustainability and Functionality

The best architects in Lahore, Archi Cubes also prioritized sustainability and functionality in its design. Energy-efficient solutions, sustainable materials, and creative spatial layout meant that the home was both environmentally friendly and functional for daily use.

The remarkable makeover of Bilal Hameed’s apartment demonstrated Archi Cubes’ collaborative approach. Working closely with the client and combining their experience with his vision, the design team developed a genuinely extraordinary living environment that exceeded all expectations.



Bilal Hameed’s residence is a neo-classical design by the best architects in Lahore a masterpiece that combines aesthetic appeal, functionality, and personalized touches. This amazing project demonstrates the design team’s commitment to excellence and ability to create living spaces that are both beautiful and efficient.


Visionary Leadership: Zaeem Ahmed’s Dedication to Excellence

Zaeem Ahmed, CEO of Archi Cubes, led the team of best architects in Lahore with unflinching dedication and enthusiasm, investing his heart and soul in the project. His relentless work and dedication to excellence meant that every detail of the design was precisely executed to perfection.

The Archi Cubes crew worked seamlessly under Zaeem Ahmed’s direction, with the unifying objective of creating something truly amazing. His ability to encourage and drive his teammates drew out the best in them, resulting in genuinely collective work.


The successful transformation of Bilal Hameed’s residence demonstrates Zaeem Ahmed’s innovative leadership and persistent commitment to quality. His enthusiasm for design and dedication to producing outstanding results have established a new benchmark for architectural design in the region.

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