How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans for Your Coffee Shop – 4 Tips

Best Coffee Beans

If you are readying to open up a local coffee shop, you are in for a lucrative business since coffee is one of the favorite beverages many people fondly consume daily. However, the success of your coffee shop ultimately depends on the quality and aroma of the coffee you serve your customers. Therefore, when you are new to the coffee shop business, you might wonder how to source the best coffee beans for your coffee shop.

Coffee beans are one of the essential ingredients in a specialty coffee shop. Unfortunately, there are many different types of coffee beans, and it can be tricky to find the best ones for your business. But if you follow these basic guidelines, you’ll know how to choose the perfect beans for your business.

Buying Whole Beans is the Best Choice For High-End Coffee Shops

Green Coffee Beans How To Choose The Best Coffee Beans For Your Coffee Shop - 4 Tips
Green Coffee Beans – Photo by Rodrigo Flores

As the owner of a coffee shop, you must first learn the best tasting coffee beans are whole beans that are no more than a couple of weeks since being picked. Whole bean coffees are the freshest, most delicious way to buy and serve coffee. You can grind your fresh beans right before brewing or use pre-ground whole beans for convenience.

Most coffee shops buy whole beans and never ground coffee beans. Buying pre-roasted and pre-ground coffee might seem advantageous since it can reduce your workload. However, know that coffee starts losing its flavor and freshness as soon as it is ground. Hence, it would help if you evolved the right strategies to grind the coffee beans yourself after buying them. Also, when it comes to sourcing coffee beans, go for authentic brands with a huge following and popularity. Single-origin beans can be the best choice if you are looking for the best coffee beans for taste and aroma.

Properly Roasting the Coffee Beans Brings Out Flavor

Roasting Coffee How To Choose The Best Coffee Beans For Your Coffee Shop - 4 Tips
Roasting Coffee – Photo by Yanapi Senaud

The roasting process you adopt is crucial to determining the flavor and taste of your cup of coffee. The three types of roasts you need to know about coffee beans are low, medium, and dark. If you look forward to a mild cup of coffee, light roast works best for you. In this case, the bean is much more golden as it is not roasted for long. Compared to dark roasts, light roasts tend to leave the coffee with more caffeine.

When coffee beans are roasted to medium levels, the flavor steps up and matches the taste you find in the coffee sourced from grocers. When roasted dark, the coffee beans turn shiny on their outside and become oily to the touch. This preparation can get you a strong cup of coffee with a heavy flavor and an exceptional aroma.

Roasting coffee beans is an art, not a science. And it takes years to master the craft of roasting your coffee. Roasting is a skill that takes time to learn, but once you get started and figure out how much heat or time you need for each type of bean, it becomes easier every time until finally, you get it right!

The Time Is Ticking Once You Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Grinding Coffee How To Choose The Best Coffee Beans For Your Coffee Shop - 4 Tips
Grinding Coffee – Photo by Yanapi Senaud

Coffee has a significantly less external shelf life meaning it loses its flavor with every passing day. Coffee starts oxidizing immediately after it is roasted to get the most out of your coffee. Therefore, you must use it directly after roasting and grinding. If you can control how your best coffee beans get roasted, you will find a vast difference in giving you the most flavorful coffee.

Roasting coffee at home is an art form and takes years of practice to perfect. It requires expensive equipment, knowledge, and skill that you may not have already. In addition, if done incorrectly, roasted beans can burn or even explode from the heat generated by the process!

Roasting your beans is time-consuming and labor-intensive because each batch must be carefully monitored throughout several phases (from green bean to brown) before being packaged into bags for sale or use in your shop. This process can take up hours depending on how much the product needs processing each week.

How To Get The Perfect Cup of Coffee From Fresh Roasted Beans

Perfect Cup Of Coffee How To Choose The Best Coffee Beans For Your Coffee Shop - 4 Tips
Perfect Cup of Coffee – Photo by Mike Kenneally

Now that you know the technicalities of getting the best coffee powder, it is time to learn what makes the best cup of coffee. The point here is when you sell coffee at your coffee shop, the beverage you serve your customers must taste much better than what your customers can make at their homes. Only to land on a better-tasting coffee, people visit coffee shops than sticking to the cup of coffee they can make at home. For each of the coffees you offer, you must know about the different flavors, notes, and pairings.

Freshness is vital when it comes to a perfect brew, and the best coffee beans that are whole can stay fresh for longer than ground coffee. This is because the oils in beans remain intact when they’re not ground, so whole bean coffees can be stored for months without going stale. The whole bean is the only way to get these flavorful oils. They have been evaporated away in instant coffee.

To get the best cup of coffee possible from freshly roasted whole bean coffee, your barista should grind the beans as close to brewing as possible, ideally right before they make your latte or espresso. Grinding immediately allows for maximum extractions and flavor. The fresher the bean is when its ground, the more aromatic and flavorful that brew will be.

Final Thoughts on The Best Coffee Beans For Your Coffee Shop

Get to know how to make the coffee taste in different ways by working on the various ingredients in a cup of coffee, the medium used, the degree of roasting, and the way it is served. All these aspects can work in different permutations and combinations to give you the perfect cup of coffee your customer is pining to taste.

That’s the bottom line. Freshly roasted whole bean coffee is always better than roasted ground coffee. That’s because the flavor and oils in the beans are lost quickly once they are roasted. So if you want to serve the best cup of coffee possible, start by buying high-quality beans that have been freshly roasted at a local roaster that knows what it’s doing with these delicate little seeds!

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