6 Easy Steps How to Build a Social Media Following From Scratch

build a social media following

What could be more challenging, you may ask, build a social media following and marketing journey with zero followers, zero posts, and perhaps zero experience? What could be more difficult? Aside from the challenges associated with growing a virgin social media account, you have the advantage of building a solid foundation and keeping things in perspective, as you vibe with the best sets of followers that will help you reach your defined goals.

If you’re just getting started on social media, it can seem like an overwhelming task. But if you keep in mind that there are many different platforms with unique audiences and tailor your approach accordingly, it will be much easier to build a loyal following. In this post, we’ll walk through some tips for creating a strategy that works for your goals and budget.

#1 How To Select the Right Social Sharing Accounts For Your Goals

Right before you sign up for an account on any social media platform, you’d want, familiarize yourself with the types of accounts users can create and which account will give you the best privileges for growing. Typically, social media accounts are divided into personal and business accounts, and as their names imply, they serve personal and business purposes, respectively. Here are the quirks and personality of each of the social media platforms I have worked with

Set Up a Facebook Page and Group

Pros: Its a great idea to start with a Facebook Page. It gives your quick access to an audience to quickly share your content and grow an audience. Consider setting up a Facebook Ad account and trickle a small amount each day with engagement ads. Then invite those new readers to follow your page. You will quickly grow a following.

Cons: Facebook is not what it used to be. The followers are not has chatty has they were pre-COVID. Changes in privacy and elimination of tracking cookies left Facebook flat footed and you are near sure if your ads are reaching the audience your want to target. Plan on spending up to 30 minutes a day sharing from your main site.

Sorry TicTok. You Have Too Many Quirky Issues

I was an early user of TicTok but had to let it go. It requires a huge amount of short video clips that must be published and promoted several times a day. You build followers quickly but many are more interested in selling you pictures of them. You may go viral with a video clip, but it will only last a short while and you cant replicate it.

The elephant in the room is about recent privacy concerns. These reports have given me pause about putting my brand on the platform. That and the highly sexualized theme of much of the content forced my to kill my TikTok and move on.

Pinterest: Slow and Steady But Followers Come…Eventually

Our Pinterest account is all about creating Pins. The Pins must be visually appealing enough to get a click. Your title must be searchable and have a good description so those searching for your content idea will find it. Be prepared to create about six different looking pins for the same web post or product. This social media platform is a time sucker but eventually it will draw in traffic. If you have funds to outsource this, it may be worth your while.

Instagram: Facebooks Adopted Sister Gets All the Hand Me Downs From FB

I’ll admit I like Instagram. Its visually appealing and has some great local content. However its format is fleeting and I don’t get a lot of traffic back to my site from it because of the limitations about posting links. (Unless you pay for an ad) However I get lots of follower because of the unique way I use it to get graphics and pictures for my site.

My favorite thing to do with Instagram is to look for great photos to support a blog post I’m writing for. If I spot a great shot I will like and follow the account then post a public note such as: “What a great shot! We are drafting a post about xxx and it would be great if you allowed us to use your photo in our article and to be shared on social media. With credit back to you. If you are over 18+ please respond with the hashtag #YesUseMyShot!”

After I receive permission to use the photo a circle back to the post creator and let them know how to find where their photo is. Its critical to do full attribution of the photo in the caption every time you use it. That photo is not yours.

The most direct way to grow your following is by sharing content from other people and brands that resonate with you. But if you want to promote something specific or sell products directly through Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest might not work. That is the sticky point with working with social media.

YouTube: Go All In Or Go Home

Our ThumbWind Publications YouTube account supports our main site as a host for video shots on Thumbwind.com. However to really make use of the platform you have to go all in and create great content videos that will hold an audience. Its worth noting that YouTube is the second largest search platform in the world, so it should not be ignored.

#2 Start With A Personal Account Learn and Build…then Switch to Business

I have had good luck with starting with a personal account first. This allowed me to learn the platform and understand who makes up my target audience and how they spend their time online and how they engage with content on those platforms.

However at some point you will want to convert to a business profile .You’ll do better with a business or enterprise account as most social media platforms provide more than basic tools that guarantee advanced insights and content management systems that help you better understand your audiences’ behavior and your performance.

On some platforms, Your profile needs may be aligned to business accounts. If you mistake creating the wrong account type and find you need a change, you don’t have to worry about creating a new one because most of the social networks have made the process seamless and easy.

#3 How to Optimize Your Profile To Catch Followers

Your profile gives your prospects early impressions and has the potential to convince people to follow you or do something different. Ensure that it is optimized to give your brand a clear definition and tells users the basics they need to know about you.

Additionally, your profile can provide you with additional visibility through relevant searches, and if you include keywords and hashtags, that would be a plus.

So, make sure every field in your profile is filled out, and to make it visually attractive, you may add certain elements such as emojis, especially if you use Instagram likes. Your username also has a key role to play. You can make it contain keywords or take the form of your brand.

#4 Creating Strong Appealing Content Will Build a Social Media Following

Social media marketing goes hand in hand with content marketing; users justify you according to the type of content you publish. If your content is of low quality, the chances are that your growth would be low, but with interesting content, you are sure to reach a higher level of growth.

Key Content Factors To Keep In Mind

Some of the factors you should keep in mind when developing content that would gain you more following and engagement include content that:

  • Visually appealing
  • Kick start conversations
  • Solve specific problem
  • Provide value
  • Seem relevant
  • Contain elements of fun
  • Triggers, emotion etc.

Several factors to consider in delivering quality content for better outreach and growth, but those listed above are among the most crucial.

#5 Create a Digital Marketing Content Plan & Schedule

Even with the best content, you should plan to serve your audiences with it, keeping in mind better publicity and conversion. In light of this, you have to consider when to post and at what frequency you should post and be consistent with it.

For when to post, you should keep an eye on your peak times; when most of your audiences are likely to be found online, or when they are most likely to interact with your content.

Since you are starting from scratch, you may want to start by adopting the best time to post like in the morning when people are likely out of their beds and looking to switch on their phones before starting the activities of the day, and later in the afternoon when they are likely of their working desks for a break or to catch free air, and in the evening when they are at home and perhaps online to fuel their social lives.

There are also peak days, which go from Tuesday through Friday and also on Saturdays. You can follow this pattern, and in a few months, your analytics should be able to show you the exact time when your audiences are most actively engaging with your content, then you can adjust.

You need also to be consistent with your content plan.

#6 Promote Your Content, Your Site and Your Brand Without Going Broke

Over time, your need for a further push will grow, and you will consider adding to your strategies more means to reach a wider audience. At this point, there are many things you can do, including hiring influencers, paying for sponsored Ads, or buying Instagram followers or elsewhere and on your respective platform.

If you have a blog, email list, or another channel from which you can promote your social handle, this will be another excellent idea.

Final Thoughts on How to Build a Social Media Following From Zero

Social media marketing is a great way to build brand awareness and loyalty. It’s also an excellent way to build advocacy, authority, and customer engagement for your business. More than 90% of consumers consult social media before making a purchase decision (Social Media Examiner).

There’s no limit to the number of ways you can promote your content and give yourself a boost by leveraging inorganic means, including buying Instagram followers Australia with other platforms and engagement drivers. You need to ensure the ways you’re leveraging for your growth are self-sustaining and also qualitative.

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