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We are thrilled to share an exclusive offer from TwoVerbs.com that’s tailor-made for content creators like you. Read on for the details and the coupon code for this discount deal.

Introducing Bulk Discounts for Guest Posts

Publishing a single post currently is at our wholesale rate of $20. (Agencies charge their clients 5x more!) We’re rolling out a special discount schedule for bulk guest post orders. It’s the perfect opportunity to boost your content strategy and expand your reach.

Discount Details*:

  •  Order 5-9 posts: Pay only $19 per post – save 5%.
  • Order 10-19 posts: Each post at $18 – a 10% discount.
  • Order 20-29 posts: Enjoy each post at $17 – 15% off.
  • Order 30+ posts: Get each post for $16 – a 20% saving.

*Orders must be in a single order with all content included for rapid editing and publishing.

What is The Two Verbs Project About?

TwoVerbs.com emerges as a dynamic platform for digital marketers seeking cutting-edge insights and strategies. With a focus on the latest trends in digital marketing, the site offers a rich tapestry of articles, case studies, and expert opinions. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, TwoVerbs.com provides a wealth of knowledge that spans various facets of digital marketing, from SEO and content marketing to social media strategies and analytics.

A Hub for Digital Marketing Insights and Innovations

What sets TwoVerbs.com apart is its commitment to practical, actionable content. Each article is crafted to not only inform but also empower marketers with tools and techniques that can be immediately applied. The site’s layout is user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring that readers can easily navigate through a plethora of topics and find exactly what they need. Regular updates keep the content fresh and relevant, making TwoVerbs.com an indispensable resource for staying ahead in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

For digital marketers looking to amplify their voice and share their expertise, TwoVerbs.com offers an exceptional opportunity. The platform welcomes contributions from industry professionals, providing a space to showcase thought leadership and connect with a like-minded community. By posting articles on TwoVerbs.com, marketers can reach a wider audience, enhance their professional profile, and contribute to a growing repository of digital marketing wisdom.

Why Choose TwoVerbs.com?

Diverse Audience: Our platform attracts readers with varied interests, offering a unique space for your content. We are averaging over 10,000 visitors a month, with 90% of the traffic coming from the United States.

Boost Your Online Presence: Regular posting on our site drives traffic and enhances your visibility. We strive to internally backlink to your other posted content.

Quality Content: We do not cut and paste. We’re committed to publishing engaging, informative articles that resonate with readers. Each article is editor-reviewed and optimized to capture search query traffic.

Simple Submission Process:

Select a Category: Ensure your posts fit into one of our categories: Business, Education, Economy, Energy, Entertainment, Food, Free Stuff, Gaming, Health, History, Lifestyle, News, Sports, Technology, or Travel.

Submit Your Draft: Send your draft posts as a .doc or Google Docs file to [email protected].

Invoice and Payment: You’ll be invoiced via PayPal upon publication.

Ready to Order? Attach your .doc file or Google Doc URL and email it to us at Thumbwind Publications.

Act Now!

This offer is available for a limited time. This discount expires on 12/15/2023. Take advantage of the lowest prices of the year and a chance to share your voice and expertise with a broader audience at these unbeatable prices.

Questions? Need help with your order? Reach out anytime – we’re here to assist.

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