5 Terrifying Conditions That Can Develop If You Don’t Have Proper Posture

Conditions That Can Develop If You Don't Have Proper Posture

Some scary conditions that can develop if you don’t have proper posture. Read on to discover some of the surprising consequences of slumping and why sitting straighter could be one method to have proper posture. It will make you feel much healthier. On the other hand, Maintaining good posture is a daily struggle for many of us. Whether working on your feet or at a desk, slumping into bad habits is easy.

Yoga - Conditions That Can Develop If You Don't Have Proper Posture
Yoga Can Help Set Proper Posture – Photo by Vishal Bhutani

You probably know that sitting and standing poorly is terrible for your back, but do you know the trouble it could be causing the rest of your body? Below, we look at some of the most common side-effects of lousy posture – some of which might even surprise you.

Nerve, Back & Leg Pain

This may be the most apparent consequence of bad posture, but sometimes it can be challenging to connect the dots and realize how much of our pain could be fixed by keeping ourselves a little more vertical.

The joints in our hips, knees, and ankles are all connected to your spine, which means that the damage done by incorrect posture can spread much further than your upper back. In addition, slouching – mainly when walking – puts a strain on your lower body, which can cause persistent pain and discomfort over time.

It’s not good news for your upper body, either. Allowing your head to droop in front of your shoulders can lead to recurrent headaches and jaw pain as a direct result of tension in your neck and shoulders.

Have you considered postural assessment? If you’re keen to make lasting and positive changes to your posture, a chiropractor can offer an assessment and treatment for your unique spinal and muscular health.

Digestive problems

Around 40% of people in the UK are suffering from a digestive issue at any given time, and in recent years there has been an alarming rise in the number of people suffering from IBS and similar disorders.

Bad posture can cause several digestion issues since the organs responsible for passing food through our bodies are compressed. This can lead to a sluggish metabolism, causing heartburn, acid reflux, and constipation.

Improve your mood

Body language is a powerful tool, and there’s research to suggest that sitting straighter can give our mood a much-needed lift and make you feel more on the ball and confident at work. So while lousy posture probably isn’t solely responsible for your negative moods, there’s a strong chance that it could exacerbate the problem.

The Feeling of Pins and needles

Tingling in your hands can signify constricting nerves and blood vessels around your shoulders. Sitting poorly, with your head and shoulders hunched forward, may be causing or exacerbating this problem. Sufferers must take immediate steps to improve their sitting and standing.


Although sitting down may seem like an energy-saving option, you may have noticed that it can make you feel ready to fall asleep.

This is because bad posture puts unnecessary tension and strain on your body, forcing you to use more energy than you would if sitting correctly.

What’s more, the pain caused by bad posture can make it difficult to sleep comfortably, which may prevent you from getting enough rest each night – another good reason to look into achieving and maintaining good posture.

Final Thoughts On Conditions That Can Develop If You Don’t Have Proper Posture

Most of us slouch when sitting at a computer, but there are other ways our posture comes undone: too many hours spent slumped in front of the TV, reading in bed, or standing over a stovetop. No matter how you slump, it’s never good for your back and overall health. Even if you’re having trouble finding the motivation to improve your posture on your own, consider trying out some of the techniques shared here: their effects could significantly impact your entire body.