3 Easiest Ways to Control the Tech Habit of Children

Tech Habits Of Children

There is no doubt in the ultimate fact that how the unusual Corona crises has turned the globe upside down with never easy to fill losses and troubling outcomes.  There is hardly any business left unaffected by this heart wrenching human infection.

Nobody could ever think that the unusual terms like lockdown, social distancing, quarantine etc. would become an every time part of lives. No one had ever thought how a tiniest invisible creature can stop the human movements to a painful extent.

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Every human festivals and festivities are vanished. All the public and worshipping sites are closed to stop this clueless illness. This anti-human virus has even stopped our feet to step into our worshipping sites such as mosques, churches and temples, where we could go to bow our heads for Divine assistance.  It is even more saddening for Islamic world to see their most sacred Hajj and Umrah sites closed for a longer period.

However, one of the most worrisome impacts of Corona crises is on the educational infrastructure. Since the closures of schools and all other learning institutes, the children are spending more time online while staying at homes.

Tech Habit, A Danger Sign for Little Captains

Be clear that tech habit for the online collegiate ones is not matter to worry, as they are playing their constructive part for their better futures. But the little captains are taking these tougher days as summer breaks and remain indulged in all time gaming, and videoing.

Nevertheless, the parents must never forget that the increased screen time or excessive indulgence in virtual life of laptops or tabs can limit or even distort the mental capacity of their littler ones. So it is very important to control in their screen routine

3 Ways to Control the Gaming/Screen Routine of Little Learners

We agree that many jobber parents are hell busy in their online official lives. So they find it very challenging to strike a sound balance between their official and familial matters.

So by keeping their problems intact in particular, we suggest some easiest ways to control the excessive screen time/ gaming indulgence in children

Set Clear Rules for Internet Usage

If you are a working mother/father of a 1 to 11 year old child, it is religious for you to allow your kid a specific time span for daily screen use.  Don’t allow your kids to cross the set screen time. After this, get their tabs/laptops back from them.

Don’t allow them for More than 1 Hour

It is very obvious for the littler ones and teens alike to fall prey to excessive gaming or mobile scrolling to pass the home quarantine amidst Corona. But if they become a tech addict, these kids would definitely find themselves in hot waters after the school reopening. So it is important to take a critical stance on this matter.

So on the basis of expert studies, we strongly recommend you not to allow your little school goer more than one hour of screen time a day.

Engage them in Fun Physical Activities

We strongly suggest you to strike a sound balance between work and family. Spare at least a kid’s special hour from your busy routine for wellbeing of your littler lovelies.  In that spare hour, spend a productive time with kids by playing the fun in-home games like scrabble, ludu, chess, or carom to enhance their mental activities and maintain a physical health.

You must also take them with you for a walk with precautions.

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