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Headline News: Corona Virus spreads in Italy and Ukraine

A plane bought Taiwanese evacuees home from a quarantined cruise ship in Japan hit by the coronavirus. While their plane and/or luggage gets a thorough disinfection, the evacuees will be isolated for another two weeks.

These precautions are the new normal in the fight to contain the coronavirus in Italy. Top officials meet after the virus claimed its first victim in the country, an elderly man in northern Italy died after being hospitalized.

The number of cases spiked to 17 in just one day. In Kedah, a town southeast of Milan, officials shut down schools and businesses and issued an official order to close down all the shops. There’s a lot of alarm – public events are banned and that includes church services.

The first patient to contract the virus here had met a friend who had recently traveled to China, but the World Health Organization is worried about another trend they have spotted in the latest infections.

Although the total number of cases outside China remains relatively small, we are concerned about the number of cases with no clear epidemiological link such as travel history to China or contact with a confirmed case in Ukraine. Local residents blocked buses with passengers evacuated from China these scenes prompted president Zalenski to give his fellow citizens a dressing down on television.

These are our Ukrainians, they’re not sick with plague they don’t have horns and hooves, they are ordinary normal people. He promised that the organizers of the blockade would be prosecuted. Authorities are working to contain the fear of the virus, as well as its spread.

It makes they make it more difficult to control the spread of the virus um the reason is they do not fit into our case definition, and therefore they might not be tested or maybe tested delayed so they can spread the virus in an uncontrolled way. The WHO has also warned that the window of opportunity to contain this epidemic is closing.

What your governments around the world be doing yeah we heard about Italy, so they do quite restrictive measures and that might be one one way to be alarmed of we are in control of the virus. For the spread of the corona virus and even be more careful in looking into the traffic from and to China and then making people coming from China, making them more aware to look at themselves.

To not go out and go to a festival or somewhere else and if I come back from China, please stay at home for 40 days and be sure that you do not get ill and and carry the virus somewhere else.

We are not sure whether this is a peak is there a vaccination for this corona virus within reach they are working on it but I would expect at least in June to July and and even then it has to be tested in a smaller group before you can use it widely.

So it’s difficult I would not expect it in the next next weeks or month right and how likely then is it that this epidemic is going to be labeled a pandemic? It depends on how the situation in Italy might might change actually we heard about 17 cases. If they do not are not able to control the spread of the virus then we have the definition for pandemic.

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