5 Reasons To Buy A Cultured Diamond Ring For Valentine’s Day In 2023

Cultured Diamond Ring

Valentine’s Day is near, and you are probably looking for an incredible gift for your Valentine. A cultured diamond Ring is one of the most common yet beautiful gift options for Valentine’s Day because rings are a pure expression of love and commitment. If you are planning to buy a ring for your Valentine, do not miss out on lab-grown diamonds over traditional or naturally-grown diamond rings. There are many reasons to choose a diamond ring made in a lab over one that grew naturally. These are the most significant ones –

Cultured Diamonds Are Less Expensive

You might not believe it, but you can buy a bigger, higher-quality diamond at the same price as a natural diamond. These are affordable even if you upgrade the carat, cut, or clarity, or customize the ring. On average, synthetic diamond rings are 40% less expensive than natural ones! Lesser price does not mean a bargain in quality; synthetic diamonds are just lab-grown, and technology is used to make them, whereas natural diamonds undergo the same process for billions of years, making them expensive.

Cultured Diamonds Are A Wise Ethical choice

Natural diamonds have a reputation for being unethical for a valid reason: mining. In the past, mined diamonds were used to fund African wars. They also significantly affect the environment and take a lot of energy to get out of the ground. The people working in mining areas constantly face fair wages, poor working conditions, and child labor issues. Since the lab-grown diamonds in the UK are made in a laboratory environment, there is no scope for environmental degradation or human rights violations.

Synthetic diamonds are real

Diamonds grown in labs are natural because they have the same chemical, optical, and physical properties as natural diamonds. They are made using the same conditions natural diamonds require; high pressure and heat. No one can differentiate between the two categories with mere observation. You’ll need specialized equipment to determine the nature of the diamond. Your family and friends won’t know the difference unless you reveal them.

Manufactured Diamonds Are Stylish

Synthetic diamonds offer several contemporary design options, including various shapes and settings. Lab-grown diamonds are becoming popular among millennials because of their versatility and affordable, conflict-free price. One can choose a more traditional design like round, princess, oval, etc., but if it does not meet your expectations, you also have more trendy options such as marquise, pear, emerald, heart, etc. For setting, lab diamonds can fit into any given setting just like natural diamonds without any problem.

Using A Man Made Diamond For Customized Jewelry

Since synthetic diamonds are a little cheaper, you can customize your ring. You’ll have the advantage of choosing metal, engravings, settings, carats, etc., according to your preference. You must buy the lab-made diamond ring from a reputed place like Hatton Garden jewelry Shop because they will provide you with the best quality, services, and required certification while purchasing.

Final Thoughts on Buying a Cultured Diamond Ring

Showing your affection has never been easier or more affordable now that cultured diamonds are so widely available. In addition, you don’t have nearly the worry or expense of replacing a lost cultured diamond ring as opposed to one from a high-end jewelry store.

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