What Is Degree Day Accounting and How It Works

Degree Day Accounting

Maintain multiple products for the same account with each product record containing its own scheduling method and degree day table Automatic account ticket selection by delivery date, K factor, and interval scheduling Automated credit code criteria as defined in credit code table Automatic hold codes disabled at change of season or by date Create different degree-day tables for different climatic area. Delivery exception reports exported to excel with the click of your mouse

Delivery Scheduling System

Our sophisticated degree-day scheduling system will maximize deliveries to heating customers. For other accounts, routes and days scheduling will ensure that your deliver the maximum volume on each drop. We have optimized the scheduling system to reduce delivery cost while ensuring that customers do not run out of products. The next delivery projection is independent of the Accounts Receivable update; dispatchers do not have to wait for Accounts Receivable month end completion to schedule deliveries.

Automated credit approval of regular selection and of manual requests Interface to all popular truck computers and dispatch systems Credit information and estimated delivery is assessed at a glance with the Quick Status option Quick search option to easily locate customer’s information Four season degree day system with user defined projection parameters Integrated Call System with user defined parameters Next delivery projection for Will Call customers for proactive customer service

Up to ten lines of delivery instructions may be printed on delivery tickets Historical details of all deliveries is easily accessible Ability to transfer historical information of deliveries to an other account Unlimited information can be entered in the notepad to record customer’s communications Multiple delivered products maintained on same account

Delivery selection (ticket pull) by delivery zone and by product Customer’s sales and profitability information is maintained month by month Forecasting of deliveries for workload analysis Delivery scheduling exception report Up-date next delivery information without affecting receivables

Delivery Dispatch

Electronic Dispatch

Burner and Equipment service and Repair

Inventory control of parts by warehouse or service vehicle, automated Part Protection Plan billing, last cleaning date automatically updated, parts guarantee control and detailed service history for each service location is only part of the benefits of this module. Find out about the profitability of your service department.

Unlimited number of service parts Inventory controlled by warehouse and service vehicle Multiple service locations and part protection plans per customer Parts discounts on part protection plan Automatic application of part plan coverage of parts Warranty control on parts installed Unlimited Historical information Ability to transfer historical information to an other account Profitability analysis of service contracts Automatically up dates last cleaning date

Follow-up on assigned annual cleaning work order Multi-Level commission structure for service Contractors Ability to create parts without maintaining inventory control Maintain customer’s equipment details Link to Dispatcher Call control system Service record may be linked to an other account for billing purposes Part Protection Plan billing may be paid automatically by PAP or Credit Card Automated Credit approval of all service requests Credit information and service status is assessed at a glance using the Quick Status option. Quick search option to easily locate customer’s information

Service Management and Service dispatch

Job Costing Appointment Scheduler

Lubricants Billing System

The extend pricing capabilities of this module coupled with the power of the inventory management system makes it the ideal tool for sales and pricing control of lubricants and other products. You can configure the system to create additional transactions automatically at time of data entry for container deposits or any other item that is part of a specific product.

Up-to five base selling price per Region Special Volume discounts applicable at the selling Region level Discounts may be applied at the product, category or main product category under a best fit scenario Price zone differentials applies to net selling price Application of user defined taxes and exemptions Invoice may be processed as a cash sales Immediate application of cash discount for cash sales Products may be sold in units or in package Customized invoice print function Invoice may be used as a Bill of Lading

Quick search option to easily locate customer’s information Customer credit situation is displayed on data entry screen Flexible product search function at time of data entry System’s pricing may be modified. This option is security controlled Gross margin analysis report for pricing review before posting

Equipment rental and Financing

Equipment rented, leased or loaned to your customer is an important part of your business assets. You need the tools to control these assets and to ensure you get the benefits of your investment. We provided all the necessary tools to ensure proper control of your equipment.

Unlimited number of equipments record for each customer Same equipment type may be repeated Quick search option to easily locate customer’s information Define each equipment record as rented, loaned or financed Calculates the instalment amount and interest value

Updated deferred capital balance after each up date Variable periodic instalments Equipment billing may be paid with PAP or Credit Card Compare Equipment record with date of last sale for each customer Formal transaction invoice may be printed for specific customers Link to Query manager for serial number search

Financial Reporting

Accounts Receivable

All the detailed information and reporting requirements you will ever require in managing your customer’s accounts and identifying problems before they occur. The active management aspect of Accounts Receivable allows you to watch receivables and take necessary action that will enhance your cash flow and bottom line.

Balance Forward or Open Item statements selectable at the customer level Cycle billing option Automatic payment of statement balance by credit card or Pre-Authorized payment Multiple delivery points with major accounts for receivable control Automated credit approval of deliveries and equipment service Variable credit charges rates on overdue accounts Credit situation is assessed at a glance with the Quick Status option Maintain post dated checks control on customer’s file

Budget Plan features with mid-season review of projected end of season situation Integration with Microsoft Word for collection letters Integrated with Microsoft Word and Excel with available export Accounts receivable transactions available at your fingertip with drill down option Automatic payment allocation or user selected application of payment on Open Item accounts Tracks and reports on Promises to Pay Supports Budget Payments, Pre-buy, Fix Price and Cap Agreements Allows current month entry during month-end process Multiple product invoicing Displays and print detail information or summary by a range of accounts or dates

Credit & Collection

Collection Dashboard Detailed selection criteria by region, collector, cycle, credit code Reject call management Automatic pre-authorized payments and credit card payments Promise to pay and dunning letter records stored and can be reviewed at any time

Part Management – Inventory, part protection plan etc.

Flexible pricing

Inventory Management

The inventory management module contains all the tools required to control your bulk plant, truck, cardlock or any other inventory locations in an efficient manner. Details of transactions are easily traceable, minimum and maximum inventory values are maintained by month to avoid overstock of seasonal items.

Reports all transactions by Region, Bulk Plant, delivery units and Cardlock site Detailed listing or summary listing by date or by product Automated transfer between products Multi level package add-on feature Items may be sold by Units or package Monthly minimum, maximum and re-order level for each product Last 12 months sales by product for each region, bulk plants and delivery units Quantity on hand and committed Multiple costing methods: LIFO, FIFO, average, latest cost

Entry of daily physical inventory for comparison with book inventory Ability to flag non inventory items User defined automatic selling price change based on latest cost parameters User defined volume discount parameters Printing of Inventory count sheets by product category, Region and Bulk Plant Inventory listings selectable by product categories Full audit trails of inventory transactions User defined inventory adjustments codes linked to General Ledger

Wireless Integration with Infosys or your preferred vendors

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