What to Do About Dogs and Air Conditioning Repair

air conditioning repair

I happen to be have a big dog and with that comes big dog problems. However I never imagined that my big dog would be able to cause damage to my air conditioner.

We’ve lived in our house for about 7 years. Each year since we moved in, in the early spring I have my air conditioner service and check out by an air conditioner repair company. Even at that it turns out that this year I have problems that I didn’t see last year.

Sometime around Christmas our neighbours took a holiday and asked us to watch their dog. Since our two dogs got along just fine this was great. However the neighbour’s dog urinated on the air conditioner outside. To my knowledge our dog had never done this before. However it seems that after his friend marked the spot he felt compelled to reciprocate.

So when the air conditioning technician opened up the AC unit there was a build up goo inside the AC. In fact it was caked with dirt leaves and dog hair.

Apparently there is something in dog urine that has an acid like property. When they washed off the debris and big sticky gooey some of the parts inside have decayed and created a whole in the line set. This made it so that the system now had to be replaced.

I guess on the brighter side next year we will know to watch out for our big dog creating a big problem. As for the air conditioning repair, we’re not too upset about it since the air conditioners were kind of old and probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway, and would more than likely have numerous AC repairs in the future.

If you have a dog that can reach your outside AC condensing unit you might want to spray it off several times a year. This would prevent anything from damaging the air conditioner. It can also help keep leaves and dirt out of the unit and keep it working strong throughout the hot summer months.

Choosing Your Air Conditioner

Size does matter when selecting an air conditioner, so it is essential to obtain a unit using the cooling capacity to deal with the space exactly where it will likely be installed. A unit that’s as well little might not be in a position to cool a space effectively, whilst an oversized air conditioner in as well little a space will cycle on and off, wasting power and decreasing the unit’s capability to adequately dehumidify the space.

Whilst there are lots of various kinds and sizes to select from, not all air conditioners are produced equal. As you shop for the new air conditioner think about the following:

• Exactly where and how the air conditioner will probably be installed or utilized?
• How big will be the space exactly where you plan to set up your new unit?
• What unique function choices are most advantageous to you?
• Will you be installing your new air conditioner by yourself or will you’ve assist?

Window units are by far probably the most well-liked. Models may be installed in most single or double-hung windows and usually include accordion panels that permit to get a safe match. Some models can match in sliding windows. They do need assistance of some type, like a wooden plank or perhaps a specially developed shelf that may be attached towards the exterior of one’s house for devoted reinforcement.

Installing a window unit is definitely a simple DIY project. Make certain you measure the inside window dimensions prior to your shop.

Benefits and Disadvantages
• Simple to set up
• Simple to eliminate and shop
• Inexpensive
• Heating and cooling units accessible
• Blocks window exactly where installed

Portable air conditioners or freestanding units may be utilized to cool a particular region inside a house like a bedroom. They do not need any permanent installation and rather possess a regular window venting kit for the exhaust hose. Numerous transportable units are mounted on casters so you are able to move them freely from space to space. They include a sizable, versatile hose that’s attached to a window for exhausting hot air, a lot like a garments dryer is vented.

Most transportable units have reservoirs that have to be periodically emptied, although some also include optional hookups to get a drainage hose. Some new models evaporate a lot from the moisture and exhaust it, significantly decreasing the frequency of having to empty a container. Transportable air conditioners may also be utilized to assist any central HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) systems.

When selecting the proper transportable air conditioner make sure to measure the space size (length x width), match the space size using the BTU and verify electrical specifications.

Benefits and Disadvantages

• Simple to setup or relocate
• Can use in numerous rooms
• Heavy-weight
• Much less effective

Built-in air conditioners may be installed inside your wall for permanent placement and operation. These units frequently offer each cold and hot air operation for much more versatile use. They’re an excellent answer for rooms or additions for your home that might not be connected towards the central heating and air conditioning system.

Wall units need opening a hole in an exterior wall. They do not take up window space, and they permit to get a much more airtight and safe match. Numerous window models may be installed via the wall, just add a frame to assistance the unit. Smaller sized units may be installed by handy do-it-yourself. Bigger wall units might need expert installation.

Benefits and Disadvantages

• Permanent
• Models with heat function accessible
• Place flexibility
• Choice to make use of wireless thermostat
• Much more costly
• Much more involved installation
• Extra components might be required

Here are some of the types and kinds of Air conditioner that will surely fit in your needs and wants in a unit that will make your life more comfortable. If you have chosen any of this type and you encounter any need for a repair, don’t hesitate to take one.

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