Educational Speakers – Our List Of The Top 5 Exceptional Orators

Educational Speakers

Due to the ability to interact with young listeners, educational speakers can ignite the passion for education among audiences. Every speaker has their own success story that is both thrilling and inspirational, leaving a lasting positive impression among young audiences. There are a number of education speakers whose events are always inspiring and game-changing. Major topics of education speakers include higher education, mental wellbeing and neuroscience, learning skills, overcoming personal challenges, and maintaining focus.

So if you are planning an event for students and faculty, and require a trusted expert for this, London Speaker Bureau (LSB) is here to help. Our education keynote speakers have the knowledge and expertise over various global models, international educational levels, and the changes occurring in curriculums every year.

With the drastic changes that occurred over the past few years in the UK such as increasing fees for higher education and changes caused to GCSE grading, it is highly essential for employers, students, and educators to be completely aware of the changing landscape.

Top 5 Educational Speakers

David Epstein

Best known for his bestseller ‘Range’, David Epstein has made waves through a groundbreaking study regarding the practices and lives of successful persons. A renovated approach towards performance enhancement is represented in Range. David’s other book named ‘The Sports Gene’ describes the paradox of extraordinary athletic performance. Do You Need a Banking Corporate Lawyer

Being a keynote speaker in education, David is passionate about encouraging students to outstretch their potential for becoming the finest version of themselves.

Dr. Ashita Aggarwal

Dr. Aggarwal is a senior marketing professor at one of the leading business schools of India, SPJIMR. Having more than 20 years of expertise and experience in academics and corporate sectors, she has worked as a business and marketing strategist at Reliance Communications.

Being an Economist and MBA gold-medalist in marketing, she has conducted several training programs for IPS and IAS officers for developing interpersonal skills and build team strategies.

Alexander Stubb

Apart from being a former Prime Minister, Trade and Europe Minister, Foreign Minister, and Finance Minister of Finland, Alexander Stubb has also served as a member of the European Parliament between 2004 and 2008. His background in academia makes him passionate about body, happiness, and mind, and he believes that the connection between these three can make our lifestyles inseparable. He has published 16 books, among which 11 of them are based on the European Union.

Being an ironman competitor and an avid athlete, he promotes that for a healthy mind, a healthy body is highly essential. He also believes that this bond also helps us to gain success and happiness in life.

John B. King

Being a former US Secretary of Education, John B. King is a person of remarkable influence who strives continually for creating opportunities of color for students, majorly for those coming from minority communities. King has supported millions of people by providing education in more accessible and affordable ways while being a civil rights activist.

During the period when he was the Secretary of Education, he focused more in raising the standards of education among institutes all over the country. Being a keynote education speaker, he loves to attend conferences and speaks about the importance of education among people.

Anant Agarwal

Anant is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. He is also the CEO of edX, an online learning platform developed by MIT in partnership with Harvard University. The accomplishments in his teaching have been awarded by MIT.

Being a brilliant mind, Anant also holds a Guinness World Record for achieving the lowest time for the largest microphone array setting. He is an inspirational education speaker and is highly passionate to share his insights about ways to make education available for everyone.

Final Thoughts on Educational Speakers

Proper education helps us develop our professional careers and future. A good education speaker helps students to be motivated and focused on their education and future.