Family Law and Financial Agreements in Australia

Family Law and Financial Agreements in Australia

There are a number of vital things that you must are aware of concerning financial agreements before you decide to accept to sign. Thinking about if you want to sign a Financial Arrangement? Have you with your ex husband decided on a property settlement?

Financial Agreements are special agreements, entered by consent, between individuals to a marriage or a de facto relationship. They can be signed in advance of, during or just after split or divorce of a de facto partnership. Financial agreements can include all estate, which includes superannuation, money and /or maintenance of the parties to the marriage or de facto partnership. They do not incorporate parenting measures regarding the kids of the relationship.

The most important benefit for a financial contract is that it entails no court appearance and no sanction from the court. Actually the Family Law and Financial Agreements in Australia reason for a financial agreement is to remove the effect of the court, with some only a few exceptions. Furthermore a financial agreement is effective upon signing the statement by both people, and thus there will be no court slow downs or sticking to courtroom timetables.


The principle pitfall with stepping into a financial agreement is that the agreement does not have an independent 3rd party, usually the Registrar of the Family Court of Australia, reviewing the details of the agreement, similar to consent orders that are filed at Court. It is quite vital that when you are getting into a financial agreement, that you diligently and fully comprehend the terms of the agreement and the result of the contract on your fiscal future and circumstances.

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In case you are considering stepping into a financial contract, chat with a family lawyer who is well-versed at drafting financial agreements and understands the results of the contract on your financial situation.

By the Family Law Federal act, there exist very specific requisites that should be satisfied making sure that the financial agreement is binding; these standards are found beneath.

– The contract is in writing and endorsed by both people; and

– The parties are thinking about getting into a marriage or de facto relationship, are currently in a de facto relationship or marriage, have separated or divorced; and

– It provides a statement from each party to the agreement, before the agreement was endorsed that the party got impartial legal assistance with their own rights and the benefits and drawbacks at the time that the guidance was created to the party of creating the agreement and

– Be it before or subsequent to signing the agreement, each individual party was provided with a signed declaration by a authorised consultant evidencing that the advice with respect to the parties rights and disadvantages and benefits in entering the financial agreement was presented; and

– A replica of the legislative practitioner’s declaration is given to the opposite party or to a legal practitioner of the other party; and

– The agreement hasn’t been finished and has not been reserved by a court; and

– Incorporates a split statement unless the Family Law and Financial Agreements in Australia contract was signed post-divorce.

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