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Over the last year, vape shop owners have seen most of the market for prefilled pod vapes replaced by refillable pod systems and disposable vape pens. Disposable pens have become particularly popular, as they are some of the easiest vapes to use. If you own a vape shop and are looking for some disposable vape pen wholesale products, you can always find some amazing options when you visit Kingdom Vapor.

Kingdom Vapor has been helping vape shop owners get the products they need since 2012. Their team is made up of seasoned vapers who are constantly researching the latest and greatest products in the vape industry. Their inventory includes traditional vaping supplies, e-liquids, pod vaping systems, alternative smoking supplies, and plenty of disposable vape options. With all of these products, it’s easy to get everything your shop needs when you visit their online store.

If you have customers who enjoy salt nic vapor, then you have probably noticed the increased demand for disposable vapes. Over the last year, disposables have gone from being a neat little idea to being one of the most popular types of  Due to the ban on flavored pods, these compact little devices have quickly become one of the most popular options for vapers who want to enjoy some satisfying clouds without having to fuss with refilling or recharging their vapes.

Disposables are designed to offer the same ease of use as other simple pod based vaporizers. They are sold pre-charged and are triggered using draw activated circuitry. Because the e-liquid chamber on these vaporizers can not be removed or refilled, these vapes do not fall under the ban on flavored pods. This means that they are still available in a wide range of flavor profiles so you customers will always be able to find great options.

At Kingdom Vapor, you will find a great selection of disposable vapes. Their team is constantly researching new products and the disposable market is still strong, with new brands and models appearing regularly. You can find simple options like the Cali Bar, which provides over 300 puffs of delicious Cali grown e-liquid. For vapers who want a disposable that will last longer, vapes like their Pod Stick 2500 Twist can provide over 2500 puffs and have adjustable airflow valves on the bottom of the vape to help dial in the perfect hit.

You can find these and other great disposable vape pen wholesale options when you visit Kingdom Vapor’s online store. If you want to see the kind of deals you can expect, all you have to do is set up a wholesale account. One great thing about shopping at Kingdom Vapor is the fact that they do not require minimum order quantities on any of their products, including their disposable vapes. This makes it easy to order exactly what your shop needs while still getting a great deal. If you have any questions about the wholesale ordering process, feel free to reach out to one of their vape experts by sending an email to [email protected].

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