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Forget clear advice. We know how to revive a relationship!

There are perhaps more tips and advice on how to revive a relationship than the total number of people living on the planet. Maybe we have all ever read some of this “guaranteed” advice. You could name hundreds of them yourself, from a romantic candlelit dinner to original places on a date to a holiday together.

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But do you know why more and more tips are being devised on how to revive a relationship? Why are new articles coming up with more and more advice? Because they just don’t work! Respectively, they do not work at all. That’s why we looked at these guaranteed tips and put them in front of a difficult test – a practice test. During our testing, we discovered completely new tips on how to revive a relationship that works!

A general problem of all tips for reviving a relationship

But to discover real advice on revitalizing a relationship, we must first understand why the existing ones don’t work. Why is it not enough to go on a picnic with your beloved half in a beautiful park? Why it is not enough to go on a religious holiday and all problems are a thing of the past that morning? Why isn’t it sufficient for a woman to put on a beautiful shoe and live happily ever after?

The reason is straightforward – because these are just fictional stories. We like to adapt and bend reality a bit to make it more interesting, excellent, and colorful. Mankind has been doing this since time immemorial. That’s why we have myths, myths, and legends today, that’s why there are so many fairy tales today, and that’s why we can watch engaging movies on TV every day.

Unfortunately, these myths have nothing to do with reality. That’s why local scenarios for reviving a relationship won’t work for you. And that’s why, in fact, the scene often doesn’t take place like in a movie. It’s just a story.

What advice works?

So we will move from the area of ​​fairy tales and stories to the reality of everyday life. It’s a little more complicated here. Usually, what we imagine never happens. That is why it is challenging to advise you on what to do, for example, when your partner and I are no longer in bed.

Use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 There can be so many situations in which it is simply not possible to predict all scenarios. However, we will not leave you empty! The best information you can get is to communicate together.

No one can read minds.

Please communicate with your partner, and try to learn as much as possible about, for example, what is bothering her, what she would like to change, and what she has ideas. This is the only way to get help and clues to solve the whole situation. But you don’t have to exaggerate!

You don’t have to give her precious diamonds or buy her a suit. Again, this only feeds us in Hollywood movies, but it has nothing to do with reality.

The most straightforward solutions are the best.

You can try small things to revive your relationship. For example, you can go for a walk in nature. You can spend an evening together in bed, telling the happy stories of your youth. You can snuggle into the crib and read an exciting book together. You can just stroke yourself without a physical undertone.

However, these are simple steps that can save your relationship. You don’t have to go to the Caribbean right away, as women’s magazines say. You can stay at home and at the same time sufficiently diversify the relationship.

Unconventional ways to spice up a relationship

You can try, for example, a shameful buffet. It consists of spreading various dishes on your body, ideally canapés, which your partner then eats. Another option is intimate moments during porn. Everyone is excited about erotic movies in a way. So why not diversify your relationship?! Plus, it’s not infidelity! Some women like to take pictures during love. But most of them will never admit it to you.

Therefore, try to surprise her with a camera in hand and a dish ready for the event. You will see that it turns her white. It may have never occurred to you, but the mirrors in the bedroom also work great as an aphrodisiac. Just look at yourself during love, and you will give it away again as you did years ago.

Last but not least, you can also try intimate mutual shaving. The point is to shave each other’s nature. It is not an activity suitable for everyone, but you will see an increase in the sensual tension between you if you start.

How to revive a relationship?

If your erection has not been completely firm for several months, you can also surprise your partner with an organ as hard as steel. Even a substantial erection can work as an effective aphrodisiac. Use Fildena 120  or vigora 100 for help, which will help you with a firmer erection and better performance in bed.

Fildena supports the desire for love, stimulates libido, improves blood flow to the organ, maintains a normal erection, and generally contributes to a healthy intimate life for men. Your erection will be strong and firm again as it was years ago. You will dazzle your partner with completely unrepeatable love, which she will want to repeat soon.

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