How Smokers Can Help Their Skin Not Get That Smoker’s Face Look

How Smokers Can Help Their Skin Not Get That Smoker’s Face Look

To be honest I was once a smoker myself. I was a heavy smoker living in a town that smoking was allowed indoors. I remember those days of looking at my face in the mirror and wonder, how did I get this old looking so fast?

Then I read one study that stated that when the body is in pain, it is crying out for water. While that might be hard to believe, it is not hard to conceive that one of the reasons people get “smoker’s face,” is due to a lack of water. Which made a lot of sense to me. I was not drinking the amount of water I should have been.

It’s been shown that smoking decreases blood flow and removes nutrients from the facial area. Smokers suffer from a lack of oxygen and moisture in this area and it becomes quite noticeable in the appearance of facial skin. People may comment that a person who smokes has what appears to be a discoloured face that is dry and patchy.


In my case I quit my 2 1/2 pack a day habit however I know that it wasn’t easy for me.. so while quitting smoking is certainly the best option, it is easier said than done for many smokers. To help counteract the effects of smoking, they need to ensure that they drink more water than a non-smoker typically would. That doesn’t mean thinking that fruity drinks at the bar count as water for the day either.

There are a few things that smokers who are finding quitting difficult can do to make their facial appearance improve. As mentioned, constant hydration is the first thing, followed by using a moisturizer two to three times a day. Next boost up the amount of Vitamin C, which is plentiful when a person is young, however decreases with age. When you add in aging and smoking, a person’s face is fighting a battle in its attempt to maintain healthy, resilient skin.

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Smoking gives a person’s face a sallow look and to combat this, the collagen levels need to keep up. It is a good idea to use a topical retinol treatment to smooth out lines and help to prevent wrinkles. There are serums you can buy now that will fill in your lines for the day or help build it back up over time.

Smokers need to use deep cleaners to keep the face clear of oils and dirt. Smoking has been linked to causing bouts of acne. The reason for this is smoking elevates the amount of sebum secretion by the skin. When sebum is released, it tends to clog up the pores. I totally recommend Interglycolic Face Wash that will help your skin at any age.

Puffing on a cigarette also releases about 4000 chemicals, some of which land on the face and also contribute to blocking the pores. It is estimated that approximately 40% of adult women who smoke will suffer from minor to severe facial acne. It also adds that yellow to your fingers too..

When it comes to smoking, women’s faces tend to suffer more than a man’s due to the fact that a man’s facial skin is about 20% thicker. Which is totally unfair if you ask me!! This becomes very apparent when a woman examines the area around the mouth. One of the areas that they say if you get fillers it will hurt more than it would if you did forehead! Typically, they will discover a number of lines that their male counterpart does not have. The pursuing or puckering of the lips to inhale a cigarette enhances these lines.

To smooth out the lines and give the skin a silkier look, it is best to apply anti-aging facial creams designed to moisturize the area. Before sleeping at night, a person can use just water to gently clean the facial area and then apply a topical retinol treatment. Once the topical treatment has been applied, then gently rub in a facial moisturizer to seal in the water and retinol overnight. While all these treatments can help reduce the signs of aging, the best solution for a smoker’s face is to limit or stop smoking altogether.

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I know that the best thing you can do is quit, however if you can’t don’t get down on yourself, and try it again.Quit for you, don’t do it for anyone else. It took my husband two years after I quit, so yeah I know it’s tough! Good luck! Once you quit smoking you find that your skin starts looking better within months depending on the damage done (years smoked).

I hope these tips helped. I wish I could give you tips on quitting smoking too.. However what worked for me probably won’t work for you. Talk to your doctor for the best ideas to help.

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