Best and Meaningful Gift Ideas That Are Not Toys

Childrens Gifts That Aren'T Toys

It’s true that kids cherish toys, and parents love to give them the toys they feel they can’t live without. However, we are all familiar with what happens next! Most of these toys just end up unremembered at the foot of the toybox and donated to charity or handed down to siblings or to other family members. Notice how the kids keep receiving toys for their birthdays, Christmas, and other important occasions that are just piling up. 

Gifts are nice things in life! But you have to remember that too much of anything isn’t good. A good way to avoid too many toys is to change all the gifts to non-toy items. 

In this article, we’re going to share with you our favourite ideas for non-toy gifts for kids. These may be a birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. These non-toy gifts certainly work anytime and they are so much more significant than any toy that you could buy them. Here are the best non-toy gift ideas you can check out: 

A Sentimental Blanket 

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Why not give your kid something memorable like a blanket with your photos together on it? It’s a fun way to cuddle up with this reminder of how he or she is loved every night. You can have the photos sewn together to make a lovely quilt. 

Membership to a Local Kid Museum 

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This is perfect if your kid is the adventurous type and you have a museum close in your neighbourhood. It’s the ideal place where they can learn, explore, and have fun. It would be better if you get a membership so you go frequently go there and it pays for itself after just several visits. This is a great day out for the entire family. 

Zoom Magic Show 

Since virtual birthday parties are becoming more popular nowadays, why not give your child the chance to enjoy the magical side of life? There are kids party entertainment companies that offer live interactive Zoom Magic Show, where the magician entertains the guests with apparently impossible magic tricks and games. You can even invite his or her friends to join the online fun! 

Fun Activities 

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Sometimes, it’s the activities that your kids get into that will be remembered for life. You can have them enjoy so many activities such as skating rink, bowling, mini-golf, and etc. The biggest part of the fun is going together. Children like to spend time with their parents. They are also happy to see you enjoying your time and enjoying them as well. 

Ice-Cream Treat Coupon 

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Kids obviously love ice cream and they can never get enough of it! So, why not give your kid an ice-cream treat coupon as a gift he or she can use whenever she feels like it? 

Family Outing/ Vacation 

A family outing is not only a fun thing to do, but it’s a great non-toy gift that will allow you to offer your child a meaningful gift and will help your family to share memories. This doesn’t have to be an expensive outing, a simple one like picnics can make a nice gift for your kid. 

Cooking Together 

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If there’s anything that kids love to do in the kitchen, aside from eating, they love to cook with their parents. So why not give them recipe and ingredients as gifts? Cooking dinner or baking something special is the perfect time to spend together and learn about certain skills in life. You can print out the recipe, buy all the ingredients, and arrange a date for cooking together. You can even get them a personalized apron. 

A Science Kit 

Is your child the geeky type who dreams to be a scientist someday? If you think your kid loves science, a perfect gift you can give is a science kit that can make the best birthday or Christmas gift. There are kits that your kid might be interested in such as The Volcano Making Kit, or the Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst, or Stem Kits for robotics. These gifts are suited for kids ages 8-12! 

Loving Pet 

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Is there anything sweeter than giving your kid a pet? A pet is an amazing non-toy gift idea that you can give your child, but it takes a lot of work too. You must only give your child a pet if he or she knows how to care for it, or if you don’t mind caring for it yourself. 

Digital Camera

Maybe your child likes to take pictures in your cell phone, then you can help them learn great photography skills by buying them a digital camera as a gift. A point-and-shoot is a nice start out, but if it’s an older child then you might want to reward him or her with a higher-end equipment to really provide them the time to learn those photography skills. 

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