Go Beyond Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Go Beyond Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Interface Software understands that Public Relations firms have unique requirements when it comes to Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems. It’s an agency professional’s business to navigate the vast webwork of interrelationships and keep tabs on who knows whom, who knows what, and who’s doing what with whom. And though its relationships with clients, prospects, media and investors are arguably the most valuable asset that a PR firm can possess, it is also one of the least managed. The task of managing relationships is left to individual professionals, random spreadsheets and team files – all solutions that lack continuity, consistency and strategy.

Managing Relationship Intelligence A PR firm’s Relationship Intelligence is internal competitive intelligence about people, companies, relationships, experience and expertise. It is like special “insider information,” exclusive to the firm and no one else. Over time, professionals build client histories, track their movements to new prospect companies, and nurture relationships with the media and investor communities. When this composite information is collected in a centralized firm database, it provides unique competitive advantage to principals, team members and business development professionals. These professionals are able to leverage their collective Relationship Intelligence to land new client opportunities, increase revenue and client loyalty, plan sophisticated, targeted media events, analyst tours and product launches.

InterAction is the premier CRM solution for Public Relations firms, aggregating private professional knowledge into a firm-wide Relationship Intelligence knowledge base. Client movements, employee experiences, referral sources and media preferences can be instantly retrieved and leveraged to give a firm an inside advantage over their competition. On-demand access to firm professionals’ expertise, relationships and past employment histories provide business development groups invaluable insights when drafting proposals.

As agency professionals nurture their relationships with clients, media contacts and investors, InterAction documents a continuous and persistent relationship history. This accumulated knowledge provides for continuity in firm relationships, strengthening loyalty, even as account team members change and employees join and leave the firm.

Access Made Easy Because the true value of Relationship Intelligence is in its accessibility, InterAction ensures that agency professionals have ubiquitous access to relationship data through their laptops, Internet and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs.) Knowing that agency professionals don’t have time to figure out complex applications, InterAction offers a familiar and intuitive interface that provides all skill levels with easy and instant access to competitive intelligence.

InterAction streamlines integration with third-party media databases, client billing applications and other back office systems. With the click of a mouse, agency professionals can access media contacts in an unfamiliar industry or gain new insights about their clients by including financial data in the relationship equation.

As client organizations seek to maximize promotional budgets by moving advertising dollars to publicity, savvy PR firms sense opportunity. In an industry that has always been known for its “relations,” competitive firms are finally applying technology to leverage their own client and media relationships to set themselves apart.

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