Blue And Yellow Bedroom Gorgeous Blue Bedroom That Makes Your Living Perfect

Gorgeous Blue Bedroom That Makes Your Living Perfect

The neutral rooms feel overplayed and the white walls get blasé after a while. So, if you really want to add some personality to your bedroom then you should lean into colors such as reds, pink, yellows, and even oranges.

However, there is one color that surpasses any other is none other than blue. This color can be simultaneous as vivid and bright as it is a complementary neutral and that’s why we’re completely looking to design blue bedrooms.

How to create a blue bedroom?

From dark shades of navy and indigo to soft robin’s egg blue, it is such a dynamic color that can easily transform any basic bedroom into beautiful. So, don’t fear if you’re color averse – blue works seamlessly as an accent color as well!

Here, we’ve rounded up the gorgeous blue bedroom designs to get the ball rolling. Just keep reading to get your blue on!

  1. Start with a Neutral Palette

As we said earlier, blue can make a great accent color while designing your bedroom as it is very relaxing, and calming, provide a lot of versatility, and has actually been resulted into lower your heart rate as well as blood pressure.

  1. Layer on Texture

The easiest way to add up some coziness in your bedroom is to go with textures. This principle remains the same with blue décor. Adding blue color textures all over your bedroom will offer a relaxing touch without hurting your eyes.

  1. Go Deep

You can also try to play up with different shades of blue like emphasizing the contrast between dark and light by matching a chambray rug with pale gray walls and navy blue simplistic accents.

  1. Paint Half the Wall

Painting half the wall of your bedroom in blue can even work well on every type of wall, especially if you’ve paneling. Try adding beautiful large wall art to create more drama in your room.

  1. Accent with Pillows

You can easily create as simple as swapping look to your blue bedroom by throwing pillows. You can opt for a number of throw pillows in bold hues and varying patterns to provide a coastal feel to your white bedroom.

Additionally, a subtle blue art ties it all together.

  1. Play with Architecture

Try playing with architectural features with colors in your bedroom. you can simply create a natural stonework wall accent combined with Aztec patterns and indigo tones to create the feeling of the southwest. Moreover, a pop of red color will help to contrast the dark hue.


If you’re painting your bedroom walls blue, always try to keep the rest of your bedroom décor neutral to ensure that it won’t feel like your bedroom appears too electric. You can even try adding  vincent artwork paintings or popular raphael paintings art  combined with other white linens and curtains, and black and white artwork pops against the bright background to tone down your blue walls.

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