Guest post writers wanted!

Guest Posts Wanted! How to Write a Fantastic Guest Post for Us

We are on the hunt for talented writers to join our team. For those who have WordPress experience, we are now offering free contributor accounts, for those who write at least one guest post every three months.

Please note: Having the ability to publish a guest post here is a privilege. We expect high quality guest posts with excellent English, and our instructions (below) to be followed in full. If you are just wanting to spam the web with backlinks or can’t write English to a great level, we are not the place for you.

We will simply delete or reject articles that do not meet our requirements.


Please read through ALL of this article, to ensure you understand what we expect when you click ‘Submit’.

Guest post summary

We are looking for articles that are;

  • Excellent written English.
  • Minimum of 750 words long.
  • Meets our publication style and tone (see below).
  • No plagiarism (we use commercial software to constantly check this)
  • Maximum two links to external websites that are NOT adult, alcohol, drugs, pirated software, violent, racist, affiliate links, spammy or in languages other than English.
  • Minimum one internal link. Yes, you must link to a previous published article of ours.
  • Optimised for SEO. See instructions below.
  • If your article does not meet these standards, we will simply reject and likely delete it. Please ensure you have a copy of any articles you submit to us for review.

Our agreement

By signing up for an account and submitting an article for review you understand and agree, that;

  1. You give us perpetual free rights to publish and republish your content.
  2. You agree that you own the rights to this content, and that it is yours and not plagiarised in any way,
  3. You will never expect to receive any form of payment, monetary or otherwise.
  4. You will share your published content using your own social media.
  5. We may edit or delete your content at any time.
  6. You will not request that we edit or remove your content for you.
  7. You will have an article approved at least every three months. Dormant accounts will be deleted.
  8. This agreement may change at any time, without any notice.
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Article style and tone guidelines

We expect a friendly, conversational tone, without slang or swear words. The tone should be like a friend speaking to a colleague at a professional event.

All guest posts must be a minimum of 750 words, and after each 3-5 paragraphs there should be a sub heading in either Heading 2 or Heading 3 if appropriate (within a Heading 2).

Article titles should be capitalised correctly in Title Case. Please use CapitalizeMyTitle.com to check.

All sub-headings should only be capitalised sentence case, so the first word has a capital only.

Please avoid using italics, bold or underline anywhere within your article.

You are encouraged to use lists and block quotes, however no other fancy formatting or HTML please.

Each article should have an introduction paragraph and end with a summary. There should be a clear purpose to the article – please don’t waste our readers time.

Signup process

The first time before posting, you will need to create a Contributor account with us. These are the steps to do just that. This will only need to be completed once.

Click here to sign up with your chosen username and email address

We will send an email to you, and you must click on the link to set a password.

Once in our WordPress, please click Profile, and complete your details. You MUST use your real information. Anyone caught using fake details will have their account and all articles deleted.

You should enter a 20-35 word short personal bio, which does not have any html or links, and is written about you, not your business or brand.

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You are welcome to add your own website, as well as social media accounts.

You must have a Gravatar associated with your email address. If you don’t, please visit gravatar.com and create one.

Once you have completed your profile, you are now ready to add your first article.

Article format and submission

We expect a number of items are completed, before you click that blue ‘Submit for Review ‘ button. This will ensure that we both save time and effort, and your guest post is approved faster.

You should ensure that every article you submit, has;

  • 1 or 2 appropriate tags
  • Appropriate single category
  • Formatted as per style guidelines above
  • Contains a 2-4 word Focus keyphrase within the SEO section (below content)
  • Has been optimised for SEO purposes

When we say optimised, we mean as many of these checks completed in green.

Guest post SEO checks
Guest post SEO checks

Once you have checked and double checked that your article contains no spelling or grammar issues, and it meets all of the above, has appropriate tags, and SEO details below completed, you may click ‘Submit for Review’.

Once submitted, our review stage typically takes under 24 hours. We won’t let you know once it is published – you are expected to check back and see within your dashboard.

If the article still says pending after 3 days, it is likely there is an issue with it, and we are rejecting it until you improve it. If you article has completely gone, then it is likely we have wholesale rejected and deleted it.

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