The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging: How To Get Started

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging: How To Get Started

We show you how to make a success of guest blogging, and why it is a valuable way to build an audience.

What is Guest Blogging?

If you look at a list of blogs that accept guest posts – be it professional or personal – you’ll often see one of the most consistent features is guest posting. Guest blogging is a simple idea. Rather than having regular contributors, it’s common to have regular visitors who contribute content in exchange for a free or discounted offer.

It’s a way for new businesses and freelancers to spread their content – and in many cases gain a following, with more people seeing their content each time. It’s also a way to generate revenue – with high-profile blogs likely to make offers to paid contributors.


How to Start a Guest Blogging Strategy We’ll show you how to get started and share what we’ve found to be the best tactics, as well as offer a couple of examples to get you started.

Why Guest Blogging is a Great Strategy

Guest blogging is an opportunity to build and engage with an audience, and as a result engage with potential clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. What Makes a Successful Guest Blog Post The basic principles and mechanics are the same for all guest posts. Read what makes a successful guest blog post, and why it is so important.

Should You Create a Guest Blog For Money? Some bloggers offer a payment to bloggers who write guest posts for their site, and we investigate the pros and cons. How to Get More Site Traffic with Guest Posts Here we go through some great resources that will help you get more traffic.

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How to Make Money from Guest Blogging Every blogger knows it’s a great way to get traffic, and can be a profitable strategy.

Where To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

We give you the insider knowledge on what’s happening with the hottest blogging platforms, how to get on the radar of the right people, and why it’s so important to engage with people you admire. Guest Blogging For Fun What is the point of blogging if you aren’t having fun?

We explore the benefits of guest blogging, and why there are so many great ways to experiment and interact with people on a personal level. What To Do Next By following our guide, you’ll now be ready to get your guest blogging feet wet and enjoy the benefits.

How do you get started? Do you have any questions on guest blogging?

What To Write About

Of course, guest blogging is about more than the quality of the content you post. If you’re wondering how to start guest blogging, first, ask yourself how you can help your target audience. What problem does your target audience have, and how do you (or they) feel about it? What’s their situation?

This is a very subjective and subjective thing, so take the time to think through it. Is your target audience specifically someone in your niche? Could they be further away from your target audience? Ask yourself these questions, and then see where your guest blogging post fits in.

When Guest Blogging, Aim For More Than Freebies Guest posting is not about earning free stuff. It’s about attracting new readers, so that they can discover your blog.

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How To Write A Guest Post That Gets Published

There are a number of SEO and guest blogging resources that can help you reach that coveted “best of” list. Why This One Secret Is the Best Way to Get Your Guest Blog Post On More Sites Guest blogging with authority is the best way to spread your brand name.

How To Turn Guest Blogging Into Income by Writing From Your Favorite Sites Hosting your own sites is the key to getting your guest posts in front of your audience. How to Write Like The Pros: The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging Guest blogging expert Billy Friedkin shares his top tips for maximizing your blog posts.

How to Help Your Guest Blogger Get More Traffic with These Four Actionable Tips Every single one of your visitors can benefit from content created by other bloggers.


There are two sides to guest blogging: a technical one, where your company is showing something relevant to the web world, and an editorial one, where you’re able to appeal to people through your own personality. The key is that you can’t rely on one to give you the experience of the other.

Having a strong content marketing strategy that helps your audience to understand what you’re doing, is what will help them in their own marketing – and this can be done through guest blogging as well as through more conventional means.

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