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Har ki Dun climate is ideal for trekking throughout the entire year and takes into account trekkers, all things considered. The climate is lovely however temperatures can change abruptly with exceptional drops. 

Contingent upon Har ki Dun temperature, you can pick the season you would incline toward the most for this trekking campaign. For nature devotees who love the rich greenery of the slopes, summer and harvest time seasons are the best occasions to go for the Har ki Dun Trek

In summer the temperature midpoints about 20°C and in the harvest time it midpoints at about 13°C with a somewhat colder breeze blowing. For the individuals who have an affinity for snow at that point winter trek in Har ki Dun will take you to an unheard of level of fervor. With temperatures averaging at 6°C during the day and – 11°C around evening time joined by successive snowfall, Har ki Dun transforms into a colder time of year trekker’s heaven 

Har ki Dun in Summers  

Summers are an ideal chance to appreciate the hypnotizing perspective on this awesome scene. In the summers the climate is charming with clear skies and normal temperature ranges between 15°C to 21°C. 

April is the start of summer in the Garhwal Himalayas and the snow starts to soften. The temperature during the day is around 15°C with a lovely breeze blowing from time to time. Around evening time, be that as it may, it can in any case be very cold with temperatures plunging to 2°C to 3°C. 

May is one of the most charming a long time to go trekking in Har Ki Dun. The climate is radiant, brilliant and truly superb in the period of May. Day time temperatures can take off particularly in the event that it is bright. It can go as high as 24°C during the day. Yet, around evening time and early morning it drops down to around 10°C. 

The most recent seven day stretch of June denotes the start of the storm season in the Garhwal Himalayas. The entire month shows a blend of somewhat cool climate with splendid radiant days. Har ki Dun climate shifts from warm to somewhat cool with shock showers in the middle. On the off chance that you intend to go trekking during this time, at that point do try to convey a light coat with you. 

Har ki Dun in Monsoon 

Har ki Dun presents nature at its best in the rainstorm season which begins in July and goes on till the finish of August. This is the point at which the valley is covered with lavish greenery and vivid blossoms. Expect shock showers sometimes as you appreciate the heavenly scene. The climate is overcast and cool with temperatures fluctuating between 6°C to 20°C. On the off chance that you are trekking the path of Har ki Dun in the storms at that point watch out for leeches and different bugs. 

July is the beginning of the storm and Har ki dun offers some truly energizing scenery for trekking. It starts to rain all the more regularly yet the path is sufficiently simple to trek on. You simply should be set up with the correct pinion wheels for trekking during this time. Har ki Dun climate in July is impressive and you will see the genuine magnificence of this spot. The temperature midpoints around 15°C to 20°C and the climate is overcast with downpour. Around evening time it gets colder with the normal temperature going down to about 6°C to 9°C. 

August carries with it weighty rains and continuous showers. The cloudy climate transforms the entire valley into a charming spot. The waterway that passes directly in the center of the valley is presently streaming with a thunder and wherever the greenery is thick and seems as though an emerald cover. During this time you will discover Har ki Dun temperatures averaging at 16°C during the day and 7°C around evening time. 

Har ki Dun in Autumn 

Har ki Dun offers an entire diverse plenty of tones and scenes during the Autumn season. On the off chance that you love photography, at that point this is the best an ideal opportunity to go on a trek to Har ki Dun. The lavish greenery of post-rainstorm rains, the surging stream, and grand mountains make for probably the best trekking endeavors.Har ki Dun temperature is between 15°C and C throughout the day and about 1.5°C at night.

September the sun starts to sparkle splendid again and the mists start to move. In spite of the fact that the weighty downpours are finished, you should in any case be ready for shock showers. The temperature in September ranges between 15°C to 19°C during the day and drops to a normal of 2°C to 3°C around evening time and early mornings. 

Har Ki Dun in Winters 

Har ki Dun trek in winter is a continuous vision of snow-clad mountains and frosty stream. All encompassing perspectives, brilliant blue sky and breathtakingly wonderful environmental factors are the additional favorable position for trekking in this area during this time. Har ki Dun climate during cold weather months is freezing however offers a great deal of experience. 

In November the temperature takes a profound dive and arrives at short scope around evening time. The greatest day-time temperature during November arrives at 13°C and the base temperature around evening time goes further down to – 1°C. 

In the long stretch of December, the snow covers the valley in a delicate white cover and the entire view can’t be portrayed in simple words. The normal temperature during this time is 8°C during the day and it shows – 11°C on the scale around evening time. 

Best Time and Weather to go for Har ki Dun Trek 

The best an ideal opportunity to go for Har ki Dun is during winter and pre-winter. During cold weather months (November – March), the entire zone gets covered under a thick cover of snow making the environmental factors basically ethereal. The stream is solidified and the snow clad mountains flickering in the colder time of year sun is totally incredible. 

Fall a very long time among September and October grandstands the best of Har ki Dun’s common magnificence. Downpour washed greenery, surging stream, brilliant blossoms and the glorious Himalayas in the foundation makes for the absolute best views you can discover.

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