Having A Goal And Making It Happen – My Own Story

Having A Goal And Making It Happen

When I first started writing on the internet I didn’t do it because it was what I “wanted to do” in life. I just fell into it. I was blogging already, as a hobby (I didn’t know anything about making money from it apart from sponsored posts), and found my first paid work after a bit of Googling.

I was honestly amazed that I had money in my account that very same day. It wasn’t much however I guess I got the “bug” for being my own boss. Even if the work was tough I was still free to do what I wanted!

Looking at the date on the calendar, I see it’s almost three years to the day that I started working online. I can’t quite believe how fast the time has gone and how I’ve changed my feelings about life and “jobs” in that time period. What started off as a way to pay the bills, little more than a hobby, has become a whole way of life.

I certainly make a lot of mistakes, and have a lot of flaws. My inability to stick to anything being the most notable. I am sure I would have seen more success had I worked harder on some of my first niche blogs, however I can’t change the past and I’ve certainly learnt from my mistakes. I know I can’t change the path I’ve taken and I’m happy with the direction it’s heading in.

My Big Goal

This post isn’t about my specific goal in particular, rather the way in which entrepreneurship can help you meet goals you didn’t think possible. That said, I think it’s worth mentioning (as if I haven’t already mentioned it enough in the past ) Since the end of 2010, I made it a goal to travel for an extended period of time. I still don’t know how long this will be, however I’ll keep going as long as it’s feasible.

I don’t know when I got the idea in my head. However I think it’s a lot to do with who I read online. Nobody I know “in real life” has a job like I do that you can do from anywhere with an internet connection. Nobody else has the freedom to travel and keep running their business at the same time. I’m so grateful that I do, and have been inspired others who have done it.

Travel isn’t the only goal that working online is helping me to achieve, though. I also know that someday, when I have kids, I’ll be able to spend more time with them, doing things more important than working. And I also have a creative platform (blogging) from which to, hopefully, make some kind of impact on this world (however small that may be).

Working Online Can Make Big Things Happen

Whether you’re interested in travelling or not isn’t the point – the point is building a career that allows you to do what you want to. I feel I’m getting a little too sentimental in my post, however I’ve decided just to let it happen. This is my chance to show my gratitude for everything I’ve learnt, the people who’ve helped or encouraged me along the way, and the seemingly negative circumstances that have led to my current situation.

The truth is that working online is hard, and it’s stressful. In these three years my income has bounced from great months to months where I barely earned a dollar. My friends and family have wondered when I’d quit in favour of a “real job”, however for some reason I’ve kept going.

Success in this business is about focus and determination. Sometimes all the signals seem to be telling you to give up, however for some reason you find a way to continue. Even more so if you have a goal in mind and you’ve made the decision to make it happen, no matter what. Although I’ve made mistakes, nobody can deny that I have been determined to make things happen. I’m proud of that.

Success also comes down to taking action. We hear it so many times, however action alone is not enough. It has to be action in the right places. And, unfortunately, you’ll never really know what’s right or what’s wrong for you until you try.

Because of this, my whole philosophy on niche site building has completely changed, and I’m focused on a very small network of sites. I’m also firmly focused on my business, and have faced many fears in order to start a membership site and push my business further forward.

This is what has finally let my dream stop being just a dream. I’m not just dreaming and thinking about doing it now, I’m taking the steps to make it happen! I’m planning itineraries, budgets, visa applications, packing lists and everything else. I am going to do what I planned. And my focus and simplification means I’ll still be able to run my business while I’m gone.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the journey so far!

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