How Are Eco-Friendly Rings Made? Understanding Ethical Jewelry

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Socially responsible and environmentally sustainable jewelry is gaining traction as an attractive alternative to the often wasteful practices of the traditional jewelry industry.

What goes into the production of eco-friendly rings and other kinds of sustainable jewelry that make them more viable than traditional pieces, however? For conscious consumers who want to look stylish but who would prefer not to support unethical wasteful practices, these accessories show a great deal of promise.


Starting With Ethically Sourced Materials
One of the most destructive elements of the jewelry industry is the process of extracting resources from the Earth in the first place.

Hundreds of years ago, mining for precious metals and gemstones wasn’t nearly as environmentally impactful as it is today. What was once a relatively small, albeit often unethical operation, has burgeoned into an environmental nightmare. Dig sites often leave a blight on the landscape, and a host of public health and sustainability issues in their wake, including contaminated groundwater supplies, loss of biodiversity, and the overall degradation of the land itself.

Ethical jewelry such as eco-friendly rings start with responsibly sourced materials that don’t have as great an impact on the environment. Often this means the use of recycled metals, lab-grown gemstones, or upcycled and repurposed materials as well. Rather than extracting new minerals and substances from the Earth, ethical brands seek to find ways to craft beautiful-looking accessories with materials that are already in circulation.

This singular change in mindset does have an impact, because it reduced the demand for new materials to be minded. A small but important step in the right direction.

Sustainable Jewelry is Ethical at Heart
Caring about the planet isn’t an abstract goal or a privileged cause. Matters of environmental sustainability often intersect with the plight of workers, poverty, and even matters of BIPOC communities as well. Where one kind of exploitation occurs, other forms are often not far behind.

Sustainable jewelry brands place an emphasis on fair-trade and utilize ethically sourced materials that consider the rights of workers, their working conditions, and matters of community. These pieces are often crafted with a people-first mindset, and this mentality translates into a finished product that is not only beautiful, but can be worn with pride.

Where Can You Find Eco-Friendly Rings and Other Accessories?
While the thought of wearing a piece of jewelry made from recycled materials might not have the kind of qualities you are looking for in terms of beauty and style, this is far from the truth. In the hands of skilled artisans, fine jewelry pieces can be created using a wide variety of sustainable materials. Recycled gold, high-quality by-products from other industries, and ethically produced gemstones are just some of the materials used in the production of these pieces.

However, despite the fact that there is a rising demand for eco-friendly jewelry, it’s still not all that easy to find in common retail outlets. If you are interested in enhancing your ensemble with these finely-crafted accessories, you will want to shop online at an ethical marketplace such as ourCommonplace.

At ourCommonplace, you will find a beautiful array of eco-friendly rings, designed using top-quality recycled materials and other components that have been sustainably sourced. All of the products you will find in this online marketplace originate from women-owned and BIPOC-owned businesses that are striving to make a real difference in the world. Through sustainable production methods and ethical practices such as fair-trade sourcing, these brands know how to craft jewelry that is not only trendy, but holistically attractive in every way.

Stop by ourCommonplace and browse through their impressive collection of rings and other jewelry items, or email them at [email protected] for more information.

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