How Much of A Difference Can a Purposefully Designed Running Holster Actually Make?

How Much Of A Difference Can A Purposefully Designed Running Holster Actually Make?

Those of you reading this that have made the conscientious decision to carry a gun for self-defense outside of your home will at some point or another come across the idea of using a running holster. Specifically, that means, you will face down the choice of utilizing a holster that was specifically designed to accommodate an active lifestyle as a replacement for one or several of your other concealed carry holsters.

Justifiably, you may have wondered to yourself whether or not it was worth it. Here’s what a specifically designed running holster can do for you to improve your safety and comfort.

Pistol How Much Of A Difference Can A Purposefully Designed Running Holster Actually Make?

Better Weight Distribution
The first thing you’ll notice about a gun holster that has been specifically designed for running is that it will provide better weight distribution. Traditional holsters that are designed for concealed carry but not built with runners, joggers, and bikers in mind secure the weight of a firearm throughout an individual’s routine course of movement, but not strenuous exercise. This means that many otherwise highly practical concealed carry holsters do not secure or carry well when the wearer runs.

Enhanced Comfort
Additionally, many holsters (such as some Kydex holsters) that would otherwise be comfortable during the course of a normal day become cumbersome, uncomfortable, and even abrasive when worn during a variety of physical activities.

Running or jogging with a holster that has not been designed for such uses may reveal hot spots and uncomfortable contact points that you didn’t even realize were there. A purpose-built running holster should by nature have additional padding and be made from comfortable, high-quality material that will not dig into you or cause undue discomfort.

An Improved Profile and Compatibility with Athletic Clothing
A concealed carry holster, whether designed for running or not, should not print your firearm. If it does, you lose the element of concealment. Many concealed carry holsters are admirable for their discretion, but if you run, jog or exert yourself wearing them, they may be more likely to give themselves away. A well-designed holster for running will be compatible with lower profile clothing like running shorts and T-shirts and still will not print.

No More Bouncing, Rolling, Shifting, or Migrating
Gun owners that have attempted to use some types of belly band or IWB holsters in the past may be familiar with the fact that they look nice and seem to deliver until you actually exert yourself.

Some of these are not well designed at all and will bounce, roll or shift when the wearer runs, or even migrate on the body, which is uncomfortable and can even be dangerous. A high-quality running holster will do none of these things.

Those of you interested in a new running holster that meets all these requirements should investigate the options available at Several of their concealed carry holsters, like their PT-ONE and PT-2 holsters, were specifically designed with the needs of runners in mind. Made from high-quality, durable, and comfortable material, they will not print, roll, bounce or shift when properly worn and adjusted, even when the wearer runs, jogs, bikes, or engages in a variety of other physical activities.

To learn more about the unique features of these revolutionary holsters, visit or contact their customer service team at 1-918-289-2976.

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