How to Arrange Flower Bouquet Perfectly: Tips 2022

How To Arrange Flower Bouquet

Do wanna know how to arrange flower bouquet? Continue reading.

In order for a bouquet of flowers to come into their own in the vase, the individual flowers must be arranged appropriately. Of course, pre-tied bouquets such as those you get with flower subscriptions take all the hard work out of flower arranging: here you can only supply the bouquet with sufficient water as it is tied in the vase.

If you have different loose flowers, you can arrange them, combine them and put them in the limelight. For a pretty bouquet, you also need a beautiful, matching vase. On the one hand, this should match the flowers and, on the other hand, of course, match your interior. 

Meadow flowers that you collected with your family on your last Sunday walk are best shown off in a simple glass vase. It can appear a little more rustic and, for example, be kept in the style of an empty mason jar. Just make sure that the vase is big enough to accommodate the different stem lengths. I

In this guide, we have put together a few tips and tricks for you that will tell you How to Arrange Flower Bouquet amazingly that your flowers can best be shown off in a vase.


The vase sizes must match the bouquet

How are flowers arranged in a vase? You have certainly experienced this before: You have received a wonderful bouquet of flowers, but as soon as it is in the vase, it no longer looks so appealing. Indeed, there is not a perfect vase for every bouquet.

But there are a few things you can do to make it look more appealing:

If you have a large bouquet with short stems, spherical vases are ideal. This vase shape ensures a beautiful, appealing arrangement, especially with round-bound bouquets.

For flowers with particularly long stems, such as roses, you should choose a vase with a cylindrical shape. The flowers come into their own here perfectly.

Vases with a bottleneck are the right choice if you only want to showcase individual flowers. 

Here, however, you should combine several vases and flowers at different heights to create a beautiful picture.

If you don’t have the right vase in your house, you don’t have to worry either. You can quickly remedy this with a trick or two.


Grid made of adhesive strips: (How to Arrange Flower Bouquet)

The only thing you need to arrange a really nice bouquet is tape. Use clear tape that is hard to see and that comes off quickly. With the transparent adhesive tape, you can make the opening of the vase smaller, for example by sticking it in a circle along the edge. But of course you can also use thinner tape and glue a grid. For this, the adhesive strips are brought into position vertically and horizontally. Now you can cleverly sort the individual flowers. Thanks to the adhesive tape, they don’t tip over to the side too much.

TIP: Before arranging the flowers in the vase, you should shorten the stems. This allows the flowers to absorb the water more easily and stay fresh longer. When choosing the size of the vase, you have to keep in mind that the stems will shorten a little.

Basically, loosely arranged bouquets in the vases look more appealing than those that are tightly tied. Whenever you buy a bouquet from the supermarket, always remove the elastic from the stems and the paper. This allows the loose flowers to be combined and divided as desired.


Diversity makes the difference

If you buy flowers yourself to put them in the spotlight in a vase, you shouldn’t just choose one type of flower. A type of flower with a flower in the same colour is not very appealing in the vase. 

Most of the time, these arrangements leave a rather boring impression. It is best to choose two or three different varieties. However, it is important here that you make sure that the flowers are within a colour family. So yellow, orange and red go perfectly together. You can add a great accent with blossoms in pink.

TIP: In addition to the pure flowers, there are always some grasses and filling materials in the bouquets. These can of course be a little longer than the actual flowers so that they stand out pleasantly.

The colours should of course not be mixed too brightly, otherwise, the bouquet looks restless very quickly. If the flowers are available individually, you have the greatest possible flexibility. If the bouquet doesn’t look appealing straight away, it can be worthwhile to simply pull a flower out of the arrangement and place it somewhere else.


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