How To Become Certified Expert In Blockchain

How To Become Certified Expert In Blockchain

The exploding demand for blockchain technology across various industries has been resulting in massive career shifts. Enterprises are looking for a certified blockchain expert to deal with different milestones in their journey towards blockchain adoption. However, candidates aspiring for jobs in the role of blockchain experts face many difficulties in their path. For starters, learning about different concepts of blockchain technology comprehensively is a time-consuming journey. 

Simultaneously, the lack of training courses tailored to blockchain expert certifications can also present notable setbacks. However, you can always rely on expert guidance for making your way towards your desired blockchain certified expert jobs. The following discussion outlines the best practices that can help you qualify blockchain expert certifications with ease. 

Select the Suitable Certification 

The first step in preparation for a blockchain expert certification is the selection of one. Candidates have to select the certification based on various factors. For example, candidates should look for certifications that fit their existing skillset. A detailed overview of the certification exam objectives can help a candidate determine whether the exam is right for them.

Among the many things that can differentiate one certification from the other, the type of concepts covered in the exam can have a dominant influence on finding the right blockchain certification. A certification for blockchain experts should cover everything from blockchain basics to advanced topics about consensus protocols and practical use cases. 

Evaluate the Certification Exam Objectives

After selecting the blockchain certification, you can easily set out on the blockchain expert career path with ease. However, you need to start your preparation by going through the modules covered in the certification exam. A detailed inspection of the modules and the associated subtopics provides a formidable boost to the exam candidate’s knowledge. When you know the exam well, you can prepare well. 

Your awareness of the exam topics and subtopics helps improve your confidence in preparing for the exam. The blockchain expert certification can be more intimidating if you are confused about the exam topics. On the other hand, a candidate well-versed in the exam syllabus would face limited difficulties in finding resources for preparation. 

Trust a Preparation Plan 

The next important pointer for your journey towards certified blockchain expertise directly refers to a preparation plan. Although you can study at your convenience for a selected blockchain certification, you need to have a plan. You need to maintain a preparation plan with considerable levels of accountability. Subsequently, the preparation plan will help you allocated adequate time for improving your weak skill areas. The most important outcome of the preparation plan is the ease of navigating your way through the syllabus for the blockchain certification. 

Use Favorable Training Courses 

The preparation of candidates for a blockchain expert career path without training courses is almost next to unbelievable. Training courses are inevitable requirements to help learners in improving their command over specific concepts in blockchain technology. As you move towards a certified blockchain expert’s position, you are most likely required to move towards higher levels of knowledge. So, if you already know about the types of blockchain consensus mechanisms, you might have to dive deeper into the mechanisms’ working.

Similarly, basic awareness of enterprise blockchain platforms must be elevated to the next level by reflecting on each platform’s functionalities in different real-life use cases. Training courses help you address the need for this advancement in learning by following a gradual approach. Carefully planned training courses with flexibly organized course topics can help you learn the skills required for blockchain experts. 

Develop Your Hands-on Fluency

Blockchain experts could not just affirm their advanced knowledge and expertise in blockchain by a certification only. Therefore, candidates should also have a formidable command over practical implementation of different blockchain functionalities. For example, blockchain experts will have to know about different types of smart contracts for various use cases and develop one according to the client’s specifications. 

certified blockchain expert will most likely have considerable practical experience with implementation of blockchain technology and related tools. Also, experts know about the rules and the ideal use cases where they are suitable. 


On a final note, it is evident that becoming a blockchain expert is more than just earning a certification. Candidates aspiring to become blockchain experts should also have the necessary business acumen and technical experience in blockchain usage. You cannot just land up blockchain certified expert jobs with a certification alone. 

However, certifications such as the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional or CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains is a trustworthy option. The CEBP certification on 101 Blockchains is available with a customized training course covering all topics in the certification exam. If you want to build your blockchain career as a certified expert, visit 101 Blockchains and start preparing for CEBP certification now!

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