How to choose the best coffee beans for your coffee shop?

If you are readying to open up a coffee shop, you are in for a lucrative business since coffee is one of the most favorite beverages a lot of people fondly consume on a daily basis. The success of your coffee shop ultimately depends on the quality and aroma of the coffee you serve your customers. When you are new to coffee shop business, you might wonder how to source the best coffee beans for your coffee shop. Here are the steps to landing on the best coffee beans.

Buying whole beans is a good approach                                              

As the owner of a coffee shop you must first learn that whole beans is always a good choice. Most coffee shops buy whole beans and never ground coffee beans. Buying pre-roasted and pre-ground coffee might seem advantageous for you since it can reduce your workload. However, know that coffee starts losing its flavor and freshness as soon as it is ground. Hence, you must evolve the right strategies to grind the coffee beans yourself after buying it. Also, when it comes to sourcing coffee beans, go for authentic brands that have a huge following and popularity. Best single origin coffee can be the best choice if you are looking for the best taste and aroma.


About roasting the coffee beans

The roasting process you adopt is crucial to determine the flavor and taste of your cup of coffee. The three types of roasts you need to know about coffee beans are low, medium and dark. If you look forward to mild cup of coffee, light roast works best for you. In this case, the bean is much lighter as it is not roasted for long. When compared to dark roasts, light roasts tend to leave the coffee with more caffeine. When coffee beans are roasted to medium levels, the flavor steps up and matches with the flavor you find in the coffee sourced from grocers. When roasted dark, the coffee beans turn shiny on their outside and become oily to touch. This preparation can get you a strong cup of coffee with a heavy flavor and an exceptional aroma.

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What you must know about roasting coffee

Coffee has a very less external shelf life meaning it loses its flavor with every passing day. Coffee starts oxidizing immediately after it was roasted and to get the most out of your coffee you must use it immediately after roasting and grinding. If you can control how the beans gets roasted, you will find a huge difference in terms of giving you the most flavorful coffee.

How to get the perfect cup of coffee

Now that you have known the technicalities of how to get the best coffee powder, now it is time to learn what makes the best cup of coffee. The point here is when you sell coffee at your coffee shop, the beverage you serve your customers must taste much better than what your customers can make at their homes. In fact, only to land on a better tasting coffee, people visit coffee shops than sticking on to the cup of coffee they can make at home. For each of the coffees you offer, you must know about the different types of flavors, notes and pairings.

Get to know how to make the coffee taste in different ways by working on the various ingredients in a cup of coffee, the medium used, the degree of roasting and the way it is served. All these aspects can work in different permutations and combinations to give you the perfect cup of coffee your customer is pining to taste.

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