How to Cut A Black Man’s Hair With Clippers

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Suppose you are going to a meeting or an invitation, so you are in a hurry. While getting ready, when you stand in front of the mirror, you see your hair unorganized. In this situation, you don’t have time to go to a barbershop and cut your hair, on the other hand, your barber is not skilled enough to cut your curly hair, 

As your hair expresses your personality, you should not take a risk on your hair if the barber ruins your hairstyle once it takes time to come back to your usual appearance, what if you cut your hair by your own at home? 

It will save you time, money as well, also you don’t have to worry about barbers if they are experts or not! 

Now comes the question of how you can cut your hair on your own. Here I am telling you how you can cut your hair on your own. Hence, you have to follow some steps, so get prepared!  

How to Cut A Black Man’s Hair With Clippers


Firstly, you should have a clipper in your home as it’s easy to cut your hair, there are so many clippers for black hair, you can buy as you like, secondly, find a place in your home where you get enough light, or you can use an LED light, as it’s very important, take one or more mirror, it will help you to know how you are doing.

 Have a comb to brush your hair, cover your body with an old cloth so that your body will remain clean from extra hair. After that final work, now you are ready to go.

Follow these Steps

You have everything cut your hair on your own, make yourself prepared mentally that you will do this, at first you may feel nervous, but no worries, you will be okay slowly, now come to the main point. 

Typically black men’s hair is somewhat curly, so you have to brush your hair to get straight, and it will be easy to cut your hair. Decide if you want to keep your longer or shorter, the clippers are generally electronic devices, it needs to be charged fully or if it needs to get connected to the electricity, then do it. 

They have a few sizes of guards. Set that on the clipper based on your decision. Start from the backside of your head. It normally needs to cut shorter, so set the smallest guard, go from bottom to top, don’t be Hurry, as you are doing this for the first time, do the same for all over the backside, make your hair divided into four, backside, left side, right side, and most importantly front side, when you finish cutting backside, start with right or left side, make sure you change your guards for a different part of the hair. 

Still, when you want your hair very small, you don’t have to change the guards. After finishing, take a look at your mirror if there is any rough hair yet to cut. If it’s here, then adjust it. 

After that, use aftershave lotion on every side, it will get rid of any skin irritation, clean the place properly so that no more dust will be found on your cloth or food, clean the clipper with a brush given in the box, neither your clipper will catch by rust, afterward, it’s better to wash your hair by shampoo as it removes all the small extra hair remain in your head or body, that’s it! 

Final Word

 Actually, cutting black men’s hair with clippers is not so difficult. It will be easy for you day by day. You can also watch some YouTube tutorials to have a clear concept because when you learn to cut your hair on your own, it will save you time and money. 

And you don’t have to worry about the barber anymore if he is an expert or not, if he is available or not, and it will make you independent. What are you waiting for?

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