Best Ways to Get FREE Shopify Traffic in 2023

How to Get Free Traffic from Pinterest to Your Website in 2023

In the last year, according to my Google Analytics, Pinterest brought almost half a million sessions to one of my blogs. That’s 93% of all my social media traffic. So, if you are still doubting if it’s worth investing your time and effort into Pinterest or maybe you should focus on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms, keep thinking, my friend. In the meantime, folks like me will leverage all the Free Traffic from Pinterest left for us from your generosity.

But seriously, let’s talk about Pinterest and how you can use it to drive free traffic to your website this year consistently. I’ll talk about the industries, types of businesses, and niches that work particularly well on Pinterest.

The Time is Now To Start With Pinterest

I will focus on things that work well on Pinterest right now, not three years ago. That’s important because things change over time, maybe not fundamentally; however, many little things in how we use Pinterest this year are changing because the platform is adjusting to what its audience wants and likes.

My goal is to help 1 million people transition to online income streams, as I did a few years ago. If this sounds interesting, I don’t need to tell you which buttons to click, do I?  Ok, I assume you already clicked them, let’s dive into the steps you need to take to be successful on Pinterest. 1 Step. Understand if Pinterest will work for your industry or niche.

Free Traffic from Pinterest for Shops and Stores

If you ask me, will Pinterest work for a brick-and-mortar business like a local coffee shop, not a global brand, but something that operates in one city, for example – I’ll be the first to tell you Pinterest is not going to work for you great. Or, if you want to promote products targeting men only, it’s not the best fit for this platform because most of Pinterest’s audience is still women. Or if you have a website in Hungarian and want to drive traffic from Pinterest, don’t get me wrong. However, your audience will be minimal.

And Hungarian is just an example. It could be German or Hindi. You can try various Pinterest board ideas; however, you need to understand that your numbers will never get to the same levels as your competitors have with their sites in English, targeting US-based audiences on Pinterest.  This platform is most popular in the US. So, maybe in the case of a blog or eCommerce site in Hungarian, it is best to focus on Google for traffic.

eCommerce Generates Free Traffic from Pinterest

Speaking of eCommerce, I just wanted to mention here as well that Pinterest works very, very well for eCommerce businesses nowadays. Some bloggers are upset that Pinterest is giving so much space to eCommerce stores and sending them so much free traffic from Pinterest.

Now, as for the niches, you can look them up for yourself. Once you have a business account on Pinterest, you will get the same data in your account. I will talk about creating a business account in a few moments; however, for now, bear with me, and I will show you which niches do well on Pinterest.

So, do you want to check which niches are popular on Pinterest? Just look into Pinterest Analytics – click on Audience Insights, then choose All Pinterest Users. The top categories are Art, Home Décor, DIY and Arts, Entertainment, Design, Women’s Fashion, and so on.

Once you evaluate whether or not Pinterest is a good fit for your business, the next step is creating a business account. I’ve got this question a few times – is it essential to use a business account? Can I keep my personal account and create pins linked to my website? The short answer is no. You should not use a personal account to attract traffic to any website because that would be a violation of Pinterest’s

Use Care In Using Pinterest Properly

Terms of Service, and you could get your personal account suspended for this.  This could happen not on day one or day 45 of running your account. I don’t know when it could happen; however, the longer you run your account that way, the worse you would feel about getting it suspended.

Over time, you will have lots of pins created and a lot of time and effort wasted.  The second reason to use a business account is that it will allow you to verify your website and Pinterest gives priority distribution to pins linked to verified domain names.

Structure of Pinterest

Your Pinterest account will consist of boards; each board is a collection of pins around the same topic. When you think about your boards, they should have keywords relevant to your niche in the titles and descriptions of the boards.  How I would create boards is always based on what you are covering on your website and the categories of content or products you have on the site.

Let’s take as a Pinterest board example the Home décor niche. If you plan on creating content around various home decor styles like a bohemian style, farmhouse style, minimalism, and so on. Or you might have categories on your site based on the different spaces in a house, like living room décor, kitchen décor, bathroom décor, and so on.

Your board titles should be relevant to what you have or plan to add to your website. Ideally, you should create your boards a few months in advance and save them popular pins from other accounts relevant to the focus keyword in the board title. These tips will help you to get Free Traffic from Pinterest.

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