The Complete Guide on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back 2023

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back? Hey guys, let’s be honest, to get back together with your ex girlfriend could be the worst decision you’ve ever made in your life! For some reason, many men think they can’t live without their former partner. They get all upset and worried that they’ll never find another woman as beautiful, as smart, or as sexy as their ex. However, don’t fall into that trap!

The over-riding compulsion to get back together with an ex girlfriend can ruin a man’s life, especially if he goes about it the wrong way!

Reconciling your differences and making up with your ex girlfriend can take many forms. What’s the best way and how can you be successful? Well, it all depends on your approach to the situation and your personality.

Are you the desperate, emotionally vulnerable kind of guy who’s lacking in self-confidence?

Now, it’s no secret that most women like strong, confident men. So, if you continually nag and plead with your ex about how you want to get back together again with her, you can look like a real wimp! Not many women like wimpy, overly emotional guys. In particular, not the woman who’s just dumped you!

I think you’ll agree that acting all soppy and needy to get back with your ex isn’t something that works all that well. It might be a successful ploy now and again, however to rely on it as a surefire way of mending broken relationships is foolhardy (dumb!) to say the least.

Another method of getting back together with an ex girlfriend that some guys try is to take the “whatever happens, happens” approach.

They stop dwelling on the past and wondering about what might have been. They accept that it will be hard, to begin with, and most likely, the breakup will take some time to get over. But, these guys believe that the pain of the split with an ex will eventually fade. They move on with their lives and are nonchalant about the outcome. But, most of these men have a secret agenda!

The secret here is that getting on with their lives after a breakup doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll never get back together with their ex. There’s always the chance that she’ll come back. However, they don’t believe that this will happen automatically and it isn’t something they pin their hopes on. Instead, these guys carry on with life as if they don’t care one way or another!

For example, they hang out with friends more often and go out on dates. They simply go out and have fun! Also, this type of guy doesn’t think twice about dating someone new. He’s not worried that his ex might find out. Truth is, he believes she probably doesn’t care! She’s more than likely out-dating other guys too!

Guys with this kind of personality don’t sit around feeling devastated just because their ex girlfriend has broken up with them. In their eyes, feeling miserable and depressed won’t help the situation.

However, as was said above, these guys do have a hidden agenda. They believe that if they pretend not to care whether or not their ex comes back to them, it will somehow make them more appealing and attractive. Letting fate take its course, so to speak. As a method of getting your ex girlfriend back, I’m not too confident about the success rate of this tactic, but, you never know.

Getting your ex girlfriend back
Getting your ex girlfriend back

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Many people say that being in love is a momentary experience; one moment your in love, and the next, you’re out of it! Losing the love of your partner can be a devastating experience for anyone, so being able to discover how to win back a lost love can put that missing spark back into a rocky relationship, and turn your world around for the better.

Even relationships that appear to be strong from the outside can fall into disrepair. There are many issues that can adversely affect the love that couples share and trying to win back love is never simple. However, there are ways of regaining lost love that has stood the test of time and that are essential steps in rebuilding failing relationships.

How To get your Ex Girlfriend back – 5 Basic Strategies

Be A Good Listener

“I can hear what you’re saying” snapped Homer, angrily. “Ah, yes, however, are you really listening to me? replied Madge with a wry smirk. It’s a well-known fact that effective two-way communication is one of the most essential factors of healthy relationships. If you want to win back the affection of your lover, you need to work hard on developing this skill. And, for some people, it’s something that has to be learned, it doesn’t always come naturally.

In a way, it’s a double-edged sword. You need to be able to properly convey what you’re saying to your partner, so they understand the feelings and emotions behind your words. Likewise, you must make the effort to comprehend and appreciate where your lover is coming from as well. This is another true key to learning how to get your ex girlfriend back, and no romantic relationship is sound without meaningful and proactive communication from both parties.

Be Supportive

When two people join together as a couple, sometimes one or the other tends to forget that their partner has come into this union with his or her own set of dreams and goals. It’s easy for us to think that what we want is more important and we can often neglect the aspirations of our partner.

Love is all about considering and appreciating one another for who you are, and this is a huge step in learning how to get your ex girlfriend back. Your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse may have different goals and ambitions than you. It’s important to understand and accept them even if you don’t totally agree with them and support your partner all the way. By encouraging growth in your partner’s interests you will be developing your relationship in the right direction.

Be Truthful

Lack of trust in your partner is one of the leading contributors to relationship problems. Being honest and upfront with your ‘significant other’, in all your dealings, even in situations where the truth is hard to take, is essential. For a relationship to remain healthy, it’s imperative that you and your partner be open and honest about day-to-day activities like your job, finances, the kids, etc.

Keeping things to yourself, hiding what’s going on, or being secretive for whatever reason, can only lead to disaster in your relationship. No one likes to feel like they’re being lied to or they’re not really getting the whole story. If your partner has the constant worry that you’re not telling you the truth the chances of you winning love back become highly unlikely. You need to make a commitment to being honest in your relationship, period!

Be The One Who Takes Positive Action 

Simply sitting back and waiting for relationship problems to go away on their own, because they appear too hard to fix, just won’t cut it. Taking action, and positive action is what’s required if you’re ever going to change problematic situations for the better. Hoping they’ll just simply vanish, without you so much as lifting a finger, is living in a fool’s paradise. You need to make an effort!

Also, don’t leave the task of repairing trouble in your relationship to your partner as this will undoubtedly make them feel alienated more than anything. They’ll think that you’re not really interested in saving the relationship so why should they bother? Getting love back into your relationship requires both of you to do what is required.

Be Reliable to get your ex girlfriend back

Saying that you’re going to do something and then not following through can put a real strain on relationships. Of course, sometimes we’ll promise our partner something that, for one reason or another, we can’t keep. That happens. But, what I’m pointing to here is if you do this on a regular basis.

You need to follow through with the promises you make to your lover or, simply, stop making promises you know you won’t be able to fulfill! Being dependable is an integral part of rebuilding trust with your partner and learning how to get your ex girlfriend back.

Taking steps how to get your ex girlfriend back and get your relationship on track again isn’t going to be easy. It takes effort, commitment and desire from both people involved. Hopefully, the basic strategies suggested above will give you some kind of launching pad to work from in your quest to regain lost love.

Methods some men use to get their ex girlfriend back:

(these examples are sort of sneaky and a little desperate in nature!)

* Frequently shows up where she hangs out, however, makes out as if he is only there purely by chance. Hardly acknowledges his ex and maybe gives a quick nod of the head or wave. Thinks that by always being there, his ex girlfriend will eventually come around to taking him back.

* Takes a new date to his ex girlfriend’s favourite night spots or restaurants. Introduces his date to his ex then flirts outrageously with his “newly-found love” trying hard to remind his ex about what a good guy he was and what she’s missing now they are no longer together. Attempting to create that “big green-eyed monster” called Jealousy!

* Asks one of his ex’s best girlfriends out on a date. Then texts or calls his ex girlfriend for suggestions for where to take his “new girl”, what color flowers she prefers, etc, etc. (Talk about trying to irritate your ex like a grain of sand in an oyster shell!)

Of course, there are still other things to try when attempting to get your ex back. You could go the self-improvement route!

For instance, work on yourself! Consider thinking about whether your ex girlfriend’s complaints about you were valid. If they were, now’s the time to work on those areas of your life and make an effort to change.

If you’ve let your body go downhill while you were dating, maybe it’s time to hit the gym again. Cut back on the beer or drink lite. Eat better too and limit the junk food! Doing this is wise in any case, not only to regain your ex-lover.

Think about it for a second, getting yourself back into shape might not only make you more attractive to your ex, but it may also make you more appealing to any new women who come your way. A win-win scenario!

Maybe get a haircut or even a new color or style and buy some new, fashionable clothes if your wardrobe is lacking. Just give yourself a complete appearance makeover! All of these actions can send positive signals to your ex and could be the catalyst that rekindles your relationship with her.

As you can see, ideas or schemes to get your ex girlfriend back aren’t in short supply. Some of them are good, but many are not! It can be confusing and you might feel all at sea when trying to find the best way or one that works for you. Perhaps you may be so nonplussed that you simply do nothing!

It could be just what you need if you’re in the unhappy romantic situation of trying to get back together with your ex girlfriend and you’re not having any success.

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