5 Easy Tips On How to Make Flowers Last Longer

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Here, we will reveal some unique tricks that can be considered and applied how to make flowers last longer in your home or office. When natural flowers are placed at home, it generates a feeling of well-being and tranquillity in every place of the house. However, it is common for them to start wilting as time passes. But do you know some tips and tricks that could be applied to them so we can see fresh flowers for a long time?

how to make flowers last longer

Tricks On How To Make Flowers Last Longer

When you bring flowers to your home or get a lily, rose, orchid flower bouquet delivered, you become happy but think of its wittedness soon; you can disappoint. So to overcome this situation here, we are sharing some tips and tricks that will help you to keep natural flowers fresh for longer.

Trim the Stems

It is common to hear about the importance of cutting flower bouquets’ stems so they can be fresh for longer. However, it is about something other than cutting stems in any way. Stems should be cut diagonally. Diagonal cutting of stems would allow flowers to absorb water better. For cutting flower stems, it is advised to not cut stems more than two centimeters and after cutting the stems, put them into the flower.

Cut the Submerged Leaves 

When the flower bouquets arrive home, people usually remove the wrapping paper and place it in a flower vase. However, removing the leaves that will be submerged in the water is necessary. If the leaves get dipped into the flower vase water, they will contribute to the generation of bacteria in the water, causing the leaves to wither before their time.

Control the Amount of Water

Sometimes, we put the flowers in water and forget about their days. This is not good since the flowers absorb the water while it evaporates, especially in the year’s hottest months. Therefore, it is important to remember to add water to the vases.

However, do not throw away all the water placed on the first day, as this can cause the loss of nutrients collected in the water on the very first day. It is best to pour out excess water, removing leaves or the remains of withered flowers that may be inside the vase, but not to pour out the water in its entirety. 

how to make fresh flowers last longer in a vase

Anything we have in the house can work as a vase for flowers. Regardless, the vase we select will influence how well the flowers hold up over time. It is important that the vase is large enough for the flowers that are being placed inside. Also, it should be placed in a place that is cool at night but receives lighting during the day. However, natural flowers should never be placed in a place where they are very exposed to direct sunlight. 

Assess the Water Temperature

Finally, the temperature of the water is also very important for natural flowers to live longer. So, consult with the florist while the purchase is made and find out what temperature is required for each type of flower used in a flower bouquet. For example, bulb flowers are usually recommended in cold water, while others stay longer in warm water. 

Final Thoughts on How To Make Fresh-Cut Flowers Last Longer

Now you got some fantastic tips for your natural flowers to make them last longer. From now follow these tips and ensure your flower bouquet is fresh for the maximum possible time they can, and you can enjoy having fresh flowers for more time. But these tips would be practical only if you start caring and using tips from the moment you get flower bouquet delivery. 

Now you get all the knowledge for natural flowers to make them fresh for a longer time. So, now you can buy or send flower bouquets in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, or any of the regions in India or worldwide and use or share these fantastic tips with the flower bouquet so that your loved one can enjoy the beauty of natural flowers for the maximum possible time.

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