How To Pack For International Relocate

How to Pack for International Relocate

In past, if you pass through the relocating experience, then you know how much you suffer. Relocation is such a  biggest event in life because it might bring with a lot of tension such as packing material, packaging products, cargo facility, what to left, and what to bring and etc., and might provide a unique experience to you. If you have already relocated yourself then you know how terrible it is or how good it.

Before moving from one location to another location, keep in mind the following tips:

What to bring and what to not:

Keep in mind while start packing leaves those items which are dead or you want to change to a new house or buy at affordable prices at new places. It can be tough to let go of items you have owned for a long time. To avoid this situation, make a list of all items and then sort it for packing and try to sell it before shifting, it will help to earn a bit of money to contribute to the cost of relocating

Where to Start

Packing can take several weeks, so you must already plan when to start packing and make sure that where to start. Start your packing with those things which are not regularly used such as books, clothes and etc and always pack your kitchen items in last. Delay can happen.


Before relocating, you must confirm from the relocator what you are allowed to import in the country and also confirm which items come under the import duty. You must be aware of the import instructions before relocation and also confirm the same from Relocation Company

Packaging and Material

Pack your all items carefully. Follow the following instructions before start packaging

* Pack your heavy items in small boxes.

* Try to use original packaging material for an electronic appliance

* Switch off your Refgritator before two or three days for d-freeze and dry properly with cotton clothes for extra confirmation, otherwise it will destroy your packaging and cause major damage while transportation.

*Use regular size cartoons, otherwise you will difficulty while load and unloading

* Use bubble wrap to pack crockery

* Use vacuum packing for soft items such as bed sheets, pillows and etc.

* Pack flat-screen TV in his original packing and fill the gap with the clothes for extra safety

* Double seal your boxes for extra security

Arrange Your Removal before Time

Find international movers and packers is not an easy task. You will have to make efforts for it, otherwise, you will get non-compatible movers and could have to pay higher for your move.

Personal Hygiene Products

Separate pack your personal hygiene products such as tissue, sanitary napkin, toiletries, hand sanitizer and etc and carry personally

Carry Medicines

If you have any kind of medical history, carry your medicine along with and also Google for chemist or hospital near your relocating area. or you can also take two or three-month medicine stock.


Make sure that you will carry your passport, visa, birth certificate, and other necessary documents along with you.

Checklist and Marking

Take a copy pen and create a list of all packaging items. This will help you while unpacking. Also, mark the box numbering and stored items’ names.


Pack only limited clothes because you can buy clothes easily from the local store or online after relocating. Check weather conditions online and pack clothes according to it.

Fragile Items

Pack fragile items carefully. Use bubble wrap to pack fragile items. For extra safety, pack it in a blanket, towel, and soft clothes and mark the boxes to highlight the fragile items box so that the mover can easily recognize the boxes

Don’t make the boxes too heavy

Use standard size packaging boxes and also mark the boxes if they contain heavy stuff, otherwise, there are a number of chances they can be collapse while unloading or shifting. Use small or medium size boxes for the heavy stuff.

Final Words

Hope so these tips will help you during your next relocation and help you to reduce stress

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