How to Sell Stuff on Facebook Marketplace Without Being Murdered

How to Sell Stuff on Facebook Marketplace Without Being Murdered

Last week I talked about my epic purge of our entire house. Now I want to tell you what I did with all that extra stuff! We are moving in ONE WEEK!

There’s no better excuse than an opportunity like a big move to get hubby to say “yes” to swapping out much of our hand-me-down newlywed furniture for pieces that will better fit our style and feel a lot more like “us”.

Priced to Sell

I’ve done a LOT of selling this summer. We’ve sold our bedroom set, a Bowflex, our dining room table, coffee table, rug, lamps, old amps, patio set, and TV!


Selling on Facebook Marketplace is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, however totaling everything up I’ve made just over $1000 so far! Sure beats leaving it on the curb come moving day. And if I exchange our old stuff for previously owned furniture, I may even come out ahead.

Packing and Purging

When something failed my Purge Inducing questions I put it into one of three piles. Those piles were to trash, to sell, and donate.

I threw away stuff only a hoarder crazy person like me would appreciate like empty coffee cans and old magazines. I set aside stuff that wasn’t worth anything however could be donated to charity like clothes or our old bedspread. And I spruced up larger pieces like furniture and “like new” quality stuff to list on Facebook Marketplace.

Psychos, Gang Bangers, and The Mob

My poor mom has heard (and related every detail to me) all the horror stories she’s heard about people selling their stuff on Facebook Marketplace and winding up in some psycho’s trunk instead. I think there was even a “Facebook Marketplace Killer” out there a while back, which didn’t help things. Hopefully this will help convince her that I’m playing it safe!

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Us gals (and maybe guys too) want to sell our stuff and feel safe doing so. It’s a little intimidating to have a stranger show up at your door, and invite them to your house to see your stuff. There’s some common sense things we can do to play it smart and avoid becoming fish food.

1. Advertise the item and only the item

I don’t know about you, however the TP isn’t the first thing jumping out to me in the picture here. Besides distracting from the item I’m trying to sell, I’m advertising to strangers what valuables I have, and maybe even the general contents of my house.

I try to keep ad pictures as distraction free as possible. I just want to sell my TP!

2. No address til the last minute

It’s up to you when you give a buyer your address. My personal M.O. is to withhold it until someone has confirmed they’re definitely coming, and then give it out a few hours before the appointment. If I’m planning on being out all day, I don’t want strangers knowing I have a $200 value weight bench for sale in my backyard, ripe for the picking. And if the item is small enough, I might consider meeting in a public place like a coffee shop to do business.


Pretty Pretty Please,

I can’t think of a good reason to tell the wide world where you and your expensive stuff are located!

3. Have a buddy on hand (or pretend you have one)

For the most part I schedule pick ups in the evenings or on the weekends when Jason is home. When Jason can’t be home or if I feel safe handling the transaction on my own, I either have the item at the front of the garage, or just inside my house so I can bring it into the driveway and do my business in the front yard.

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Did I just say do my business in the front yard…?: /

“Um, hi Mr. Facebook Marketplace person, my husband’s just upstairs taking a shower… I mean cleaning his guns… oh, what’s that honey? Make that sharpening his swords. How can I help you?”

If no one’s home, try my approach. Dress like a rogue ninja and wield a weapon. Then, if they turn out to be normal, you can play it off like, “Oh, it’s just a game me and my kids like to play…”

4. More ways to play it smart

Chances are everything will be fine, your transaction will go smoothly, and the man at your door won’t be the Facebook Marketplace Killer. By following these tips you’ll make it that much harder for someone to even THINK about doing something shady.

Don’t invite people into your home if at all possible.
Only accept cash. And don’t feel embarrassed to check that those $20’s are real!
Nobody from Nigeria wants to buy your armoire as a birthday present for his relative in the Maine. And don’t give him your Paypal email address either.

Side note, trunks are actually pretty comfortable.

Having all this furniture gone will certainly make our moving day easier! I’m praying I can find nice pieces to replace the stuff I sold, and soon.

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