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How to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Engagement

Instagram is the fastest growing platform where you can connect with your friends or grow your business there. It’s a photo-sharing application.

3 Unique Ways to Use Instagram to G...
3 Unique Ways to Use Instagram to Generate More Leads

It’s free of cost. If you want to start using it, you have to follow the simple strategy: download the app and sign up for the account. If your purpose is to connect with your friends, then search for it and start following them.

But if your purpose is to build a brand or grow your business, you have to work differently there. You have to grow your account there. The organic reach, web traffic etc., all depends on followers. The more followers you have, the more your account appears on the timeline, but how do you get more followers?

Before I answer this question, let me tell you why you need followers?

Because the more followers mean, the richer. It would help if you had followers to get known. You get more opportunities if you have more followers. To build a brand on Instagram, you have to create good engaging content so that more people reach out to your account. If they did, it ensures the quality of your content.

Ok, now you have learned the importance of followers. The next query that comes to our mind is how we can get more followers? With time, new trends and features are coming every month. And the struggle of getting more followers makes your head spin.

But there is one feature on Instagram that never changes and remains constant. I am sure you are curious to know that feature. That feature is stories. Yes, you read it right. You can’t ignore stories.

Stories keep your followers not to forget about you. And that leads us to the title of our topic: how can we use Instagram stories to get more followers and you can also buy followers Australia

Post Stories Every Couple of Hours:

If you want to show up at the top of the explorer page and news feed, post stories more. The more you put stories, the more you show up on the explorer page and the more followers you get.

Interact Via Poll:

You can boost your interaction with the audience through polls. Through this, you came to know the audience’s preference for certain topics. You can get information from your audience through this. Also, it’s so easy to use. How can you use it? Tap on the sticker option and from the menu select the polls sticker. And then you are good to go with.

Use Question Sticker:

By using this you are giving the audience a chance to ask any questions related to your brand. And answer them in your story. This is a great way to interact with your audience and build a friendly relationship with them.

Put Stories With Hashtags:

Many people on Instagram don’t know the power of hashtags on their stories. It’ll highly improve your engagement. But what you need to do is research the hashtags and put them on your stories. Many audiences will reach your content through your hashtags. So make sure you have quality content and well-researched hashtags because together they both boost your account.

Use the Location Tag:

Put the location tag on your story. For example: if you visit some store, put a story of the store and add a location tag. In this way, your story pops up to random people and they start following you.

Created Limited Offers:

People love giveaways, deals or discounts. You can announce your giveaway offers through Instagram stories. You can give discounts on your best product.

Highlight Your Best Stories:

Highlight your best stories so that your audience can watch them anytime they want. Stories disappear within 24 hours. Keep it permanent by using this feature.

Go Live:

Go live at least once a month. Let your audience connect with you and let them ask whatever they want. You can build a trustful relation with your audience. Also, there is a great chance to attract more followers because live sessions are becoming popular nowadays.

Reply to Your Instagram’s Stories DMS:

It’s a very good way to build a strong relationship with your audience. Reply to your DMS because it gives your audience a message that there is a real person behind the account

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