How to Wear Female Gun Holsters

Woman With Pistol Holster

When going out with a firearm on her person, a woman needs to be comfortable. She needs to be comfortable carrying the firearm, knowing how to use it, having easy access to it, and knowing it is secure. If she does not feel comfortable and secure with a firearm on her person, she will need to stop and assess what it is that makes her feel less secure with it and what she can do to address that concern. One way that many find added comfort in carrying is changing how they conceal their weapons while they are out. This could be the case for you if you are not entirely happy with how you carry your weapon. If that is the case, then we now can discuss versatile options for female gun holsters that offer absolute comfort and ease.


Under ordinary circumstances, this form of carrying is the most versatile and it might be your best bet. It can be quite flexible and comfortable for you to wear as you move around throughout the day. Some Female gun holsters that are worn on the waist are not restricted to being worn in just one location. In fact, some are made with a bit of flexibility in how you choose to wear them for yourself. You can wear a mini concealment holster around the waist closer to the hips and partially conceal it using your pants for more subtlety. You could also raise the holster up higher on your torso if that is the most convenient or comfortable for you. Belly band style holsters are made with stretch material just for this purpose. They can be brought up to sit almost underbust, depending on what you want exactly. Of course, in order to ensure that it is seated in a good position to retrieve it quickly, carefully, and easily, you would want to practice drawing your firearm from your holster as you wear it.

This should provide you with a bit more knowledge about female gun holsters and ways to carry that might work best for you and make you feel more comfortable about carrying a firearm. Remember that it is undeniably important that you feel comfortable carrying your weapon and using it if need be. There should not be any bit of uncertainty in your mind. If you want to stay on the lookout for different female gun holsters, you can always visit Pistol Wear for more options.

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